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Yoga Girl Daily - September 30th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

So often we play small; we talk ourselves down, we deflect compliments, we don’t toot our own horns.

But letting yourself be who you are is a wild act of rebellion, especially living in a society that likes us to stay in a small box.

This week, we are going to do just that! Set the intention to take up more space. Celebrate everything you offer. Give yourself permission to be really big and most importantly - don’t shrink back.


[00:34] Hi and welcome to Yoga Girl Daily. Happy Monday, everyone! It's Monday, it's the first day of the week, and it's time for us to take a moment to set our intentions to make sure that we have an anchor to really keep us grounded and to remind us of what we are working toward this week. This week, I have a really interesting topic in mind. It's something that's been kind of personally on my mind over the past couple of days and I think we can all unite on this topic and this intention. Have you recently been playing small in any shape or form? Do you ever find yourself either talking yourself down, you know, we do this so often. It's usually easier for us or it comes more naturally for us to speak negatively about ourselves or to talk ourselves down than actually lifting ourselves up and to toot our own horn.

[01:29] Have you ever had an experience where you found yourself maybe a little bit ashamed to actually speak loud and clear about something amazing that you've created or put out into the world? Or do you find yourself sometimes deflecting a compliment when someone tells you something great or they compliment something you're wearing or something you did? How you easily kind of just shrug that compliment off and go, Oh, you know, but I didn't do that on my own, or Oh, this old thing, or it was in the back of my closet. I feel like we do that often. So many of us. So this week I want to allow all of us to take up a little bit more space. This week I want you to give yourself permission to be really big and take up more space in your own life. So let's take a moment just to kind of reflect on how that feels inside of you.

[02:18] Just listening to me speaking those words, taking up more space. Perhaps you know that this is a challenge in your life and for many of us, even the most confident and loud people out there in the world, we struggle in different ways with actually allowing ourselves to shine as brightly as we are meant to shine. Much of this comes from, of course, a lifetime of being told by society, by the media, by other people, that we should be a little more quiet, that we shouldn't be too loud. We shouldn't be too wild. We shouldn't be ourselves too much, right? We should fit into the little box that society wants us to fit into so that we can conform and blend in. Truth of the matter is we were not born to blend in. You were not born to fit into any box of any kind, but you are born to be yourself and the way to be yourself is to allow yourself to take up as much space as you need in all of your relationships, in your life, in your workplace, in your family, and most important of all to not shrink back and make yourself small.

[03:19] So our collective intention for this week is this: “This week I will allow myself to take up space”. This week I will allow myself to take up space… This will look a little bit differently for each of us. Of course, perhaps already now you're kind of thinking about that one relationship that you have where you tend to make yourself a little bit smaller, where maybe after meeting that person you find yourself feeling a little bit sad or low or like you have to diminish your own accomplishments or play a little bit smaller to make that person comfortable. Maybe you know already that, Hey, this week I'm not going to do that. I'm going to let myself take up space by being who I am and by letting myself shine the way I shine naturally on my own. Perhaps you know that there is a specific situation in your life where you tend to have that pattern of making yourself small.

[04:08] It could be work related. It could be related to an accomplishment that you just had. Maybe you haven't allowed yourself to fully celebrate something really great that you did or accomplished recently because you're afraid of people maybe are going to judge you or that you're going to come off as arrogant or maybe that people are just going to critique your work, right? By putting it all out for display. Well, this week we're going to have no more of that. I want you to really step into that space where you can stand up and shine brightly as you are without feeling that you have to change anything about who you are without feeling that if you shine too brightly that you're going to diminish someone else's light because that's actually not how it works. Shining brightly never means taking someone else's light away. It means giving other people permission to shine the way you shine. So this week I will allow myself to take up space. How are you going to take up space this week? Maybe take a moment to meditate on that, journal on it, and figure out exactly how you're going to apply this intention this week. I have a feeling we all need it. Thank you so much for tuning in and for setting your intentions with me today. I'll see you tomorrow.

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