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Yoga Girl Daily - October 14th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Yoga, Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

Our bodies want to move! They are designed for movement. This week, we are setting the intention to move our bodies every single day.

Whether you need a kick-start or are keeping up with your normal routine, moving until you sweat will make you feel really, really good.

You won’t only be moving physically; you’ll be moving around energy and emotions as well!


[00:40] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, you guys and happy Monday! It’s Make It Happen Monday over here, which means it's time for us to sit down, set an awesome intention for the week, and really connect to that little something that you want to lead with or get done or return to again and again throughout the week. So just infusing a little bit more purpose and meaning in our week altogether. I have an awesome intention for us this week. This week I want us to set an intention that's actually going to get us moving, something actionable that you will get out and apply in your daily life every single day. And we're going to do it together. This week, I commit to moving my body every day. Hmm. I gotta repeat that. This week, I commit to moving my body every day. And take a moment just to sit with that intention.

[01:37] What does that feel like? So if you are used to moving your body every single day, you have that you know routine, that habit, that daily moment where you get up and go and you sweat and you do yoga or you run or you do something, then for you this week, this is going to be a really easy, easy intention for you to set. So perhaps you want to elevate that intention and add a little extra spice to it. But if you are like me or like most of us and feel a little bit challenged or that like there's a little bit of struggle involved to actually moving your body to the point that you sweat every single day then this week is going to be a really, really, really good thing for the body. And here's the thing, our bodies want to move. That is just a fact. Hard truth in life.

[02:18] Our bodies are designed for movement. Our bodies wants to move. Now, some weeks are more challenging than others, right? So especially if you've been feeling a little bit sluggish or lazy lately, this is going to be one of those weeks that can really kickstart you back toward feeling really good because the more we move the body and the more we have that practice of moving the body every day, the easier it is to continue to move the body. Now I'm not saying that you have to go out there and do a three hour CrossFit session every day. You don't have to be all, you know, it doesn't have to be anything totally crazy and we're way out of your comfort zone, but I want you to move to the point that you actually sweat. So for you to feel like, man, I really did move my body today. So not just that tiny little, you know, dance party in your living room or those 15 minutes of yoga that you do in the morning right before bed, but something that makes you feel like you actually put in work to get the body moving.

[03:11] So perhaps try something totally different this week. Yeah, if you're not super into running, give running a go! A 30-minute run every day. If you want to try a new kind of dance class or a spinning class, or go boxing or do something that's a little bit out of your comfort zone, that gets your body moving and make sure you do that every single day. Now, of course, if you're moving through something that's happening in your body right now, perhaps you're moving with an injury or you're feeling a little bit under the weather or you're pregnant, you have something going on that makes us a little bit more challenging than apply this in a way that it makes absolute sense for your body. So this could be a long walk as well, but just something that gets your heart rate up and make sure you do it every single day.

[03:53] So what I recommend is picking a time in your day that really works for you to get sweating. Could be first thing in the morning, could be your lunch break, it can be right after work or the end of the day, whatever works for you. But maybe commit to the same time of day every day. So you can get into this routine. You have seven whole days now to get the body moving and hopefully you can make this super fun and exciting as well. So perhaps this is kind of the kick in the butt that you need to get your body moving. Maybe it's what you need to get that routine of moving the body every single day. I'm not putting a time limit on it. You know, you can decide how long you want this movement to really last, but challenge yourself. Yeah, that's the key and the beautiful thing about moving the body and committing to moving the body every day is that we're moving so much more than just the physical part of ourselves.

[04:41] Right? Moving the body also moves energy through the body, helps us move emotions, helps us move things around in our lives. So if you found yourself in a place where you feel a little bit stuck or stagnant, start by moving the body and then trust me when I say it will make everything else that you're working through right now feel so much easier. I'm feeling really motivated and excited by this week's intention. So this week I commit to moving my body every day. I can't wait to see how you're moving your body this week. Let's motivate each other. If you want, you can share how you're moving on Instagram, on Facebook, use #yogagirldaily as a hashtag and we can all share and take part in each other's movement. Thank you so much for setting this awesome and exciting intention with me this week. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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