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Yoga Girl Daily - November 11th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

This week, focus all your energy on a goal you are consciously working toward.

We know making our dreams come true takes hard work. We can’t journal and meditate our way there; we get closer by taking action!

How can you dissect your goals into actionable steps to bring your dream a little bit closer? Find 7 steps you can take this week and by the end of it, find yourself inspired and closer to everything you desire.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, everyone and happy Monday! It's Make It Happen Monday today, which means it's time for us to sit down and set an epic intention for the week. This week I have a really good intention in mind, which I hope will actually make a difference in your life. This week we're going to focus on a specific goal that we have in life and I want you to pick a goal that you know you are consciously working toward already. So whether if this is a professional goal or a goal that's centered around your career, maybe around your family or your home life, maybe it's a health goal you have. A goal that you know you're working toward. We're going to focus on that every day by setting an intention around that this week, so our intention this week is this: This week I am moving closer to my goals by taking action.

[00:53] Let me say that one more time. This week I am moving closer to my goals by taking action. Meaning, I want you to get really, really clear on what you are moving toward, what your actual most important goal is right now, and then really dissect that into some actionable things that you can do so that this week you can take action in terms of moving closer toward making that dream happen. So what does that look like? Of course you are going to apply this to your own goals in a way only you know how. But we have to do more than dream about our goals. We have to do more than sit in meditation and try to manifest. We have to do more than journaling about them, right? We have to actually get out into the world and take some actions so that we can inch our way closer to the thing that we want to make happen.

[01:40] So what are some things that you can actionably do? I want you to get really clear on some actions you can take this week. Find seven things you can do that you know or that you believe will bring you closer to that goal. Seven things. Seven things you can actually do. So not just dream of, not just talk about, the seven things you can actually do and then every single day this week, you're going to do one of those things, so by the end of the week you have taken seven big or small steps closer toward that goal. Actions could include calling up some people in your network to ask for advice. Actions could include writing your resume or perfecting your resume. Actions can include maybe applying for a specific job, maybe doing some research. Maybe it's writing out a business plan. Maybe it's hiring someone. Perhaps it's talking to someone specific. Maybe it's reading a chapter in a book, listening to a podcast that will give you more information about the thing that you want to grow toward.

[02:37] Seven actionable things that you can do. Perhaps it involves you getting really creative and digging in and getting some work done, like writing something or creating something or you know, building that website or planning out what you want the rest of this year to look like. Whatever it is you're moving toward. Find seven things you can actually get done. Write them out. And then every this week you will tick off one of those things so that you've taken action every single day. And who knows, perhaps come the end of the week, you'll feel really inspired and be able to find something to continue to do every single day. Just think about it. If you're able to take action just on one thing every day, you're going to get closer to that goal, way faster than you could possibly have ever imagined. So the key is finding that really beautiful balance between dreaming about our goal and then actually working toward it.

[03:29] And this week is all about moving forward. So let's take some action. Let's get out there and make our dreams come true because you are in charge of your own dream. No one else is gonna push you over the finish line, but you have to get out there and do the work. And that's what this week is all about. So excited about our intention this week. This week I am moving closer to my goals by taking action. Go write your actionable items down right now and let's tick them off together. One by one. Thank you so much for tuning in to Yoga Girl Daily today. I'll be back tomorrow

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