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Yoga Girl Daily - April 9th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Gratitude, Self-Love, Thankful Thursday

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About the Episode

Today’s gratitude practice focuses on someone so deserving of recognition: you!

In this moment, acknowledge all you have done to make it through this pandemic so far. Acknowledge the bravery, the resilience, and the resourcefulness you’ve needed.

Your mind may trick you into thinking you aren’t doing enough, but this is your reality check. You have moved a mountain to get here. Tune in to give thanks to yourself.

Maybe the journey isn’t over yet, but you are here right now doing the work.


[00:34] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Thursday! It's Thankful Thursday today, so it’s time for our gratitude practice of the week. Now I don't have to get into the strangeness of this time right now. We are all experiencing so much collectively through Covid-19 and everything that's unfolding across the entire world. Today for our gratitude practice, I want to bring some gratitude back around to ourselves and what does that mean? So bringing gratitude to ourselves. I want you to take a moment right now to acknowledge the fact that up until this point you have made it through this pandemic. You have made it through this pandemic. You're sitting here listening to this podcast, breathing actual breaths, feeling your feet hopefully planted on the earth. You are here, now. Acknowledging the bravery it has taken for you to get to this place.

[01:47] Acknowledging the resilience that you hold, right? The resilience that you have. The ability to actually overcome anything life throws your way. The resourcefulness that brought you to this place, your ability to look around, realize you have been dealt completely different cards, a whole new set of circumstance and you did the best you could with what you had and here you are. Still breathing, still feeling, still practicing, right? Still reaching for all of those resources that you have to keep you grounded and sane, still taking care of your people, your family, your friends, your community. You're still here, doing it. Our mind has a way of tricking us into thinking that we're not doing enough or that somehow we should be doing better. Right? Like as if there a better way to survive a pandemic than what we're all doing right now. Well, this is your reality check.

[02:49] This is your reality check right now. Take a moment to acknowledge everything that you've had to do to get to this place, those battles that you have fought over the past weeks. Not just outer battles in terms of making sure that you're taken care of, in terms of fighting for abundance or fighting for survival, right? Keeping food on the table, taking care of all of those logistical things that you're still fighting to take care of to this day, right? Maybe you're not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel just yet, but you are doing this work every day. You could have laid down flat on the floor and given up long ago – you didn't. So take a moment to truly acknowledge, not just the outer battles that you have fought, but the inner ones. The many triggering moments that you have experienced throughout the past weeks that you made it through.

[03:45] Things that have triggered past wounds inside of you, past hurts, past pain, traumas, childhood things. So much has been triggered and moved and shifted inside of us. And here you are. You have reached for tools that you know help serve you, right? Taking care of your mental health, moving your body, maybe practicing yoga, maybe meditating, maybe just listening to podcasts that you know fill you up. Take a moment just in your own way because we all do this very differently and acknowledge the many moments over the past weeks or months where you reached for something that helped you, where you reached for something that helped your family, or you did something constructive where you fought tooth and nail to make it through. Honoring all of this, honoring all of this right now, you have moved a mountain to get here and yes, maybe the journey isn't over yet, but we are here right now.

[04:51] You are here right now. So digging deep into your core to find the biggest Thank You you could possibly reach for and give that to yourself right now. Thank yourself. Thank yourself for your bravery. Thank yourself for your resourcefulness. Thank yourself for your resilience. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are a badass and you're doing the work. This is you doing it right now.

[05:51] Thank you so much for practicing what might just be the most important gratitude practice of this week or of this time. Keep giving yourself that Thank you. Keep patting yourself on the back. You're doing a good job. Thank you for listening to Yoga Girl Daily today. I'll be back tomorrow.

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