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Yoga Girl Daily - October 9th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Lifestyle, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

If you tuned into last week’s self-care practice on the perfect morning ritual, today’s episode will allow you to take your day one step further. We are creating the perfect evening ritual!

What do you need to wind down before bed? Grab your journal and pen and tune into today’s episode as Rachel shares her own evening ritual, and the realistic things you can infuse into your evening that will set you up for the perfect night’s sleep.

Tune in to get started.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Friday, and before we jump into today's episode, I have to take a moment because we are celebrating today! Today marks the 300th episode of Yoga Girl Daily. I can't believe it! I can't believe we've made it all the way to 300 episodes. I'm so excited, so humbled and so proud of this show. I want to take this moment just to thank you so much for tuning in and for listening. I'm so happy that you're here. I wouldn't be able to do this without you. So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let's celebrate! 300! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for listening. I am really excited about today's self-care practice or self-care ritual. If you tuned in last week, you might have a hint of what's coming today because it just makes total sense. Last week we had as a feel-good practice to sit down and define our perfect morning ritual.

[01:03] And it's been a week, of course today for our feel-good practice, I want you to do the same thing, but for nighttime. This is so exciting. I love creating rituals for myself. I love writing these things down on paper. I love preparing for them. So, I want you to just give yourself a moment at some point today to actually sit down with your journal and your pen and write a little bit about what a perfect evening ritual is for you or nighttime ritual is for you. So, if you want, as you begin, you can start by dreaming super, super, super big as if you had no limitations whatsoever, as if you didn't have a big, messy family and lots of stuff that happens in the evening, you know, what is a perfect nighttime ritual for you? And then start to define the things that you can actually apply in your day to day life.

[01:51] So, something that's realistic, but it can still be something that requires discipline because really good rituals do require us showing up, right? It requires our consistency, our practice, our commitment to doing them every single day. So, a perfect nighttime ritual for me, the most important thing is that I turn my phone off, that I put my phone away, that I spend the last moments of the day before going to bed without any kind of screen in front of my face. That's something that for me is like a nonnegotiable thing I have realized. Now I spent a lot of years of my life not adhering to that, not listening to that, and the moment I actually did and made a huge change in terms of how I was able to wind down at the end of the day. And then we all have different things that we enjoy doing before bed, right?

[02:39] So for me, for instance, if I move my body a little bit at the end of the day, I actually sleep better. But for my husband, if he does any kind of movement before bed, it gives him energy and he can't fall asleep. So, noticing in yourself what it is that you need to truly wind down. Perhaps a bath or a long shower at the end of the day, as I speak these words, there is a hummingbird right outside my window, drinking nectar from a flower. That felt like an affirmation of some sort that we should all take this nighttime ritual really, really seriously. So yeah, perhaps a bath or a long warm shower before the end of the day, maybe there is something organizational that you want to include in your ritual. For me, I really like kind of running through next day, just in the back of my head.

[03:25] So, I don't have any big to-dos or worries or things I have to remember, right? So I don't lie awake trying to fall asleep, thinking about all the things I have to remember for tomorrow, that's helpful for me, but it might not be for you. A cup of tea before bed is really helpful for me. I like five minutes of journaling. Maybe you have a meditation practice, a gratitude practice, a yoga practice, maybe something totally different. You know, some music that you listen to or a moment outside to breathe, some fresh air, just go as wild as you can with what actually makes sense for you. And then define that perfect nighttime ritual for yourself. You deserve rest. You deserve deep, deep, deep rest. It's your birthright to rest, to recuperate, to restore and to actually have a good night’s sleep every single night. So, set yourself up for that with a ritual that's really nourishing for you.

[04:22] That helps you wind down the way you need to wind down at the end of the day. And knowing that when we sleep better, our entire quality of life suddenly becomes much, much, much better. So, this is a gift you can give yourself that might just turn your whole next day around. I really hope you sit down today and you define this nighttime ritual for yourself. And of course, apply it. Now is a really good time to start. Thank you so much for tuning into our feel-good episode this week. I hope you have a beautiful weekend with lots of rest and good night's sleep. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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