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Yoga Girl Daily - December 10th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

What is the kindest thing you can do for yourself right now?

The holidays are a beautiful time of year but they often ask a lot from us. Don’t forget to show compassion for yourself, too! It’s not selfish to take time for self-care, it allows you to show up as your best self and feel more motivated to get everything done.

Today’s episode of Tune-In Tuesday will allow you to really tap into this energy of being kind to yourself and asking for what you need.

Tune in to fill your cup!


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, you beautiful soul! It's Tune-In Tuesday today so it's of course time for us to sit down, to ponder a specific question, practice a little bit of self-inquiry and see if we can make our way to a place where we get to know ourselves a little bit better. Today I have a theme in mind for this episode that I feel is really important for this last month of the year. We are, you know, officially in December right now, there's always so much to do at the end of the year, we have so many things to get to. For me, I love the holidays, but there's always that little bit of stress that comes along with it of managing family and gifts and you know, high expectations for how to celebrate Christmas and all of these things coming our way right now. And of course that feeling of wanting to get everything done before the year is over.

[00:53] So to slow down a little bit and to hopefully anchor into a place where we can draw more energy toward ourselves so that we feel energized and active and also motivated to get everything done before the year is over. I think it's important that we tap into a place of self-care. So instead of looking outside of ourselves and all the things that we have to do in a day, how about we just tap into a place inside of our own hearts right now and we feel into a place of actual compassion and kindness and we're going to direct that energy right toward our own hearts toward ourselves. So our question for today is this, what is the kindest thing you can do for yourself right now? What's the kindest thing you could do for yourself right now? If you're journaling on this topic, you can also frame it as: The kindest thing I could do for myself right now is… and journal on that for a moment and see what comes from that place. So if you were to put everything else aside, this idea that you have about having to perform or having to cater to other people's needs and take care of everybody else, just put that aside for a couple of minutes right now and just feel into your own heart. Place both of your hands on top of your chest. The kindest thing I could do for myself right now is…

[02:19] I can sense the immediate answer to that question for me is to give myself a moment to just take a break, to slow down a little bit for the rest of this day. Maybe go outside and just lie in the sun for a while. I think that would be a really kind thing for me to do for myself. Of course, I live in Aruba and I have that sunshine all year round. Wherever you are, whatever's going on in your life. If you were to do something absolutely, totally kind for yourself, so let yourself be a little selfish, you know? It's not a selfish thing to be selfish. Actually. I think being selfish or focusing on yourself and doing something that surrounds self-care is actually a selfless thing to do strangely because filling your cup will allow space for that cup overflow and then you can give more to other people.

[03:01] So what is the kindest thing that you could do for yourself right now? Perhaps you need to go and eat a little bit of chocolate, have a cup of tea, read a good book, take a little break, maybe go outside, perhaps carve out enough time to actually make it to a yoga class. Perhaps you have that best friend somewhere in the world and you want to give them a call and have 30 minutes just to vent and share… something that's kind to yourself. It could also involve not doing something. So if you feel like you have a really long to do list, perhaps the kindest thing you can do for yourself right now is to skip some of those things and just focus on what's actually important. In other senses, I also have weeks where the kindest thing I can do for myself is to just get everything done that I have to do so that I can really relax.

[03:45] So of course, it's a very personal inquiry as every Tuesday. Give yourself a little bit of time to meditate on this, how you can be truly kind to yourself today and then make sure you follow up by actually taking action. So, something kind, cutting yourself some slack, being just loving toward yourself because honestly, you deserve to take care of yourself, especially in the month of December. A really great way to deepen into this line of questioning is of course, to share with a friend, with someone in your family. What's a way that I can be a little kinder to myself? You know, set a timer for five minutes and just share while the other person holds space for you. You can journal on it. You can also share on social media as well. So many ways to go about this beautiful practice. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today for tune in Tuesday. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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