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Yoga Girl Daily - October 2nd 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

Find an undisturbed place to sit down for our meditation practice.

Today, we are going to connect deeply to our heart space. Make a physical connection with your heart and ask yourself - how is my heart doing? What is it carrying? Know that in this moment, everything is okay. We do not need to arrive at anything in particular.

But as we sit in stillness, feel the softening that comes with each and every breath.

Feel the love that lies within.


[00:34] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday, you guys! It's Wellbeing Wednesday today, which means it's time for us to find a quiet place to sit down and meditate. So of course as usual, Wednesday episodes are always best to listen to and to practice with in an undisturbed space. If you can find a place to sit down where you can comfortably connect to your breath for the next five minutes, that would be wonderful. Let's begin this practice today by placing both of our hands on top of our heart. And I want you to really make a physical connection to your heart center right now. Taking this moment to connect to the heart. A little bit of that every day can really go a long way. But for right now, just taking a moment to tune in. How is your heart doing right now? How's your heart feeling today? What are you carrying in your heart here, now? You can start to quietly begin to bring some awareness to your breath, little by little, allowing your breaths to grow a little bit deeper, a little bit fuller. And with each cycle of breath, see if you can begin to increase the connection that you have to your heart space. The heart is a container that holds all things. So any emotion that you're sitting with today, you should be able to experience that by connecting to this place here and now.

[02:17] So feeling what it feels like to inquire toward the heart. Do you feel like it's easy for you to make a connection here? Can you close your eyes, place your hands to your heart and feel? Or do you feel like it's hard to connect to this place? Perhaps you're placing your hands to your heart and you don't feel anything at all. Maybe you don't have this practice of tuning in and listening to what the heart speaks of so the heart might feel very distant from where you are right now.

[02:50] Knowing that whatever experience you have by connecting to the heart in this moment, everything is okay. We're not looking for any particular outcome, but just this practice of looking within. What's there, what's present, what's moving inside of you right now? And then listen to what the heart speaks of. Perhaps your next breath in, you can allow that breath to be drawn all the way into this heart space. Imagining almost as if your inhales could help clear the way or as if your inhales could help direct and create a channel between your mind and your heart so that you can really listen.

[03:43] And then as you exhale and visioning anything that needs to be cleared away, envisioning that leaving the body. So if you feel like perhaps there is a little bit of a blockage there, maybe you have a wall up. Maybe it's been a while since he connected to your heart. Perhaps you don't have that practice. That's okay. Let's use the breath to create almost like a direct line or a highway from the mind to the heart so that you can feel a little bit deeper into what's actually going on right now. And if there is something that's lingering in your heart space that you feel has been weighing heavy on you, maybe there is some confusion there or perhaps there is something really old lingering around your heart right now. Perhaps a past pain or some hurt, something that happened to you maybe long ago.

[04:41] Use your breath and let every breath in literally become a breath of fresh air that sweeps through your heart space, bringing about all the light that your heart needs in this moment and clearing away anything that isn't serving you anymore. Allowing your shoulders to drop, feeling that beautiful sense of softness inside of your chest and perhaps with every breath and the longer that you stay here connected with your hands to your heart, you can feel that softening of the heart, noticing the heart unfolding and opening almost like a flower, and witnessing that beauty of pure, absolute love that lies within.

[05:43] Let's take another beautifully heart-centered breath in and out. And turn the corners of the up into just the hint of a smile. Gently blink your eyes open. Take a moment to send some gratitude to your heart and to yourself for this heart centered meditation practice. Thank you so much for tuning in to this place of love with me today. I'll see you tomorrow.

[End of Episode]