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Yoga Girl Daily - March 13th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Love, Family, Friendship, Self-Love, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

When you do something kind for someone you love, you not only make their day but yours as well. Today that is our top priority!

Let’s really make an effort to do something unusually kind for an important person in our lives. It may even be something you don’t particularly want to do - but when you’re done you will understand just how great it feels.

Tune in to turn someone’s day (and yours!) around.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday! It’s Feel-Good Friday today, we have made it through the work week. It's time for us to settle into those weekend vibes and of course as with every Feel-Good Friday, it's time for us to do something that nourishes our spirit, something that makes us feel really good. Today I have a little something in mind that I feel really excited to share because just thinking about what practice to put for today's Yoga Girl Daily Podcast, it inspired me to really act on this today and it's already improved my day immensely and I feel it's going to really take me through the weekend, too. Today we are going to do something unbelievably kind for someone that we love. It sounds like such an obvious thing, like of course we do kind things for the people that we love. I want you today to really make the effort to do something unusually kind for one of the people that you have in your life that you love so much.

[01:04] Maybe even doing something that you know this other person wants you to do or they've asked you for, but you don't really feel like doing it. So let me give you an example. We have a little room in our house. It's actually a tiny little apartment that my husband has been trying to convert to a gym and it's disgusting. I mean it's absolutely disgusting. He bikes in there, runs in there every day. It's a total mess, you know, it's just not a really pleasant place to hang out. And I started the effort today to really clean up in his space. I just know he needs a little help there and I'm going to put up some new shelves and just help him organize and create an actual gym space that he can feel comfortable and at ease working out in every day. Now of course, you know, organizing a whole entire room and cleaning up a bunch of stuff…

[01:50] It's not my favorite way to spend the day, although I like organizing stuff. But the cleaning part, not so much. But I just know he's going to be so happy having a really beautifully clean space because he spends a lot of time in there. What is something really kind that you can do for someone that you love in your life today, right now? Perhaps you have a person in your life that you know is struggling a little bit. Is there something you can help them with and try to go about this without it feeling like charity or you know, like you're pitying them. That's why you're helping them, but just literally out of the kindness of your heart. Some beautiful act of kindness that you can do toward this person. Maybe offering them to watch their kids for a little bit so they can go get a pedicure or take them out to a really nice indulgent dinner or help them clean something up.

[02:38] Help them run an errand that you know they really, really don't like. Like help them get something done in their lives that they have been just resisting for a while. Just do something kind. Of course you can do something like buying someone flowers, writing them a beautiful little love note, something kind from the kindness of your heart just because it feels really good to be a kind person. And of course this person is going to feel so great receiving this act of kindness from you. So really it's a, it's a double slam, Feel-Good Friday because you're going to feel good and the person you're kind to, of course, it's going to feel great. Maybe they'll just naturally pass it on and then we'll spread those kind amazing vibes all weekend long. I am excited to see what kind of kindness you're going to sprinkle around you today. I hope you choose something that's really fun, that fills you up as well, and that you can really feel those kind vibes all weekend long. Thank you so much for practicing with me this Feel-Good Friday. I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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