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Yoga Girl Daily - February 17th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Lifestyle, Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

Why are we not prioritizing sleep more?

You spend one third of your life sleeping, but do you make it a priority in your daily routine? So many of us don’t! There is nothing that sets you up for a day full of energy and motivation more than waking up rested and revived.

Today’s episode shares the benefits of a great sleep and how to prioritize it in your life. Tune in to set one of the most important intentions - it can turn your entire life around!

Interactive Exercise

This week, make the commitment to skip that last episode of Netflix and go to bed one hour earlier than you usually do. It will make all the difference and set you up for a really great day.


[00:32] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday! I feel so grateful to sit here talking to you today, excited about this brand-new week ahead and excited to set a really epic intention for us all right now. I have something in mind today for this week's intention that I actually haven't really spoken too much about on the Yoga Girl Daily show before, and I think that kind of proves how underappreciated or underrepresented this area of my own life actually is. Today, for this week, we're going to focus on something that can absolutely change our lives. It's so underrated, it's so important, but somehow, we all tend to kind of miss the mark or we don't prioritize this area of our lives well enough, and that is… sleep! Sleep. For me, sleep is one of those things that just kind of, you know, it's supposed to happen on its own.

[01:33] I don't prioritize it. I don't think about it too much, but at the same time, that's kind of crazy because nothing sets me up for a really good day ahead as a great night's sleep. We all know that having a really good night's sleep is just such a game changer. And for so many of us not sleeping enough hours in a night or not getting a good quality through a night's sleep can really hurt us in the day. It means we have big moments in our day where we just lack energy. We don't feel like we have enough motivation in our day. We wake up not feeling great, so many important things in our lives that are kind of dictated by how rested we are. So why are we not prioritizing sleep more? I would love for us to set an intention around sleep so that we can all get great sleep all through this week and hopefully for the rest of the year.

[02:26] So our intention for this week is this: This week I will make sleep a priority in my life. This week I will make sleep a priority in my life. So what changes do you think you have to make to actually improve your quality of sleep? We all have some things or maybe several things that we're doing in the evening that perhaps isn't setting us up for a great night's sleep. I know for me, a really huge one is I simply go to bed too late. I have this kind of window early on in the evening where I get tired, but then I want to stay up talking to my husband. I want that quality time in the evening that we get without the baby when the baby's asleep. So sometimes I also think I have all these things I need to get done. I'm writing little lists for the next day and preparing things for the day ahead.

[03:15] So I tend to miss that window when I'm tired, which usually happens around 9:30 or 10 and then I find a new wave of energy, I get wired and all of a sudden it's 11:30 and I'm wide awake. So for me, one of those changes I really want to make that I know would totally transform my quality of sleep, is making sure I get to bed an hour earlier. I want to go to bed or be in bed asleep by 10 o'clock every single night this week. And I think it shouldn't be that challenging. Let's see if this is a big challenge for me. It might actually be, what about you? What's something that you know you could change to give you a better night's sleep? Perhaps it's staying away from any type of screen time in the late evening. We know that that light and that glare from screens kind of keeps our brain really wired and awake.

[04:05] So, maybe you can make the change this week to put away your phone much earlier than you normally do. Perhaps we're up eating and snacking late at night. It's hard for the body to wind down if it's busy digesting things late at night. What are some changes you can make to give you the best night's sleep of your life? Perhaps it's how you have your bedroom arranged. You know, the bedroom should really be this oasis for sleep. We're supposed to keep our temperature fairly cool. You know, any distractions that you have present in your bedroom, perhaps this week is a great week to get rid of them and make sure that you hundred percent focus on your sleep this week. Being a person who normally doesn't prioritize her sleep, I feel really excited about this week ahead and honestly, if we can start to prioritize getting that really good rest every single night, it might just turn our whole lives around. Thank you so much for setting this intention to sleep well and be rested all throughout the week. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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