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Yoga Girl Daily - May 14th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Thankful Thursday, Gratitude

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About the Episode

Teachers appear in our lives in many different shapes and forms. Your greatest teacher could be someone you love, someone unexpected, or even someone that has challenged you immensely.

Today, we practice finding gratitude for any teacher in our lives that led us to an important learning or epiphany - and there is space to interpret how that resonates for you.

Tune in to learn Rachel’s greatest teacher and give thanks to your own.


[00:47] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Thursday and welcome to our Thankful Thursday episode of this week. Today we are going to bring some gratitude to surface and start to focus our gratitude practice on a teacher that we have in our lives right now. And when I say the word teacher, I really want to give a little bit of space to interpret that in a way that resonates well with you. So a teacher of course, you know, can be a spiritual teacher, a spiritual guide, a guru, a yoga teacher, maybe someone that you've had or have in your life that has that role, right? That has that kind of, that role of being the teacher, being someone that passes on wisdom and learning. But also opening up the space here that a teacher can show up in so many different shapes and forms.

[01:49] So if you take a moment right now, contemplate one of the learnings or realizations or epiphanies or moments of insights that you've had thanks to someone in your life recently, and take a moment just to linger with that a little bit. Who or what, what experience, or what person, or being helped teach you something lately? For me, I have a very clear example of that today. So this morning I was feeling a little low, just a little heavy. And you know, one of those days, no particular big reason, you know, just a global pandemic. We can always blame the pandemic whenever we need to, but no, just no particular big reason today. And then my daughter who's three years old convinced me and my husband to play hide and seek with her. And it started off as like, okay, okay, we'll spend a few minutes doing this.

[02:45] You know, neither of us were very excited, and it became this whole big long super fun game that we play the three of us as a family for a really long time. And I was hiding, and my husband was hiding, and we were getting really creative and my daughter, not so good with the hiding, but really having a lot of fun with the seeking. And just before I knew it, you know, I could just sense my whole entire experience of the day turned around. I feel totally different after that. I felt so joyful, so much fun to play for no reason. Right? So today, my three year old definitely showed up as a big teacher in my life. I mean, she's a big teacher in many ways, but particularly today, right? How something so simple as play can turn a whole day around, can bring us so much joy and it's so easy.

[03:40] So if you take a moment just to contemplate for yourself, if you've had any kind of similar experience or exchange of some kind where someone in your life just helped teach you something, perhaps it's just the quality that this person has. And just by being near them or close to them or listening to them or watching them interact in their day to day life, they are teaching you something. Perhaps it was actual words of advice passed down, from a family member or a friend. You know, I learn a lot from my animals actually. You know, if you really spend time being really present with your animals, with your pets, probably you'll see that, you know, they have this absolute ability to be present and still, that teaches me a lot every day too. So whenever you have connected to this teacher in your life, and it can be somewhat unexpected, right?

[04:32] It can be someone that you didn't normally think of as a teacher. It could actually even be someone who's been challenging you lately. And I love when that happens, when we have a person in our lives that are tricky and maybe it's someone that we're arguing with or not getting along with, and then we realized that that interaction actually taught us something really big. Those are such great moments when we can turn that negativity around into something a little more light. So the moment you have connected with this person or animal or whoever it is that you feel has taught you something recently, just taking a moment to fill your entire heart, your entire space, your entire body with gratitude for this person or this being and just really sensing that. Just sensing that gratitude in your heart. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for passing on your wisdom.

[05:28] Thank you for being the way you are. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for your presence in my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And this becomes particularly powerful if the person we are thanking right now is someone we have a complicated relationship with. You can even imagine there a direct line from your heart to this person's heart right now and when you send this gratitude their way without saying it to them, right? Without them having to intellectually know, just by energetically sending them this direct line of gratitude, they will feel it in their hearts. And if you have a tricky situation going on in your life, perhaps this is the energetic shift that you've been looking for, gratitude can turn a whole day around, too. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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