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Yoga Girl Daily - November 5th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

Today as we tap into self-inquiry, we are going to focus on something that is working really well in our lives.

We tend to get caught up in trying to improve or fix or be better, so let’s flip that script! What is that part of your life that just flows?

Maybe it is your relationship with your partner, maybe it is your job, maybe it is your home – it could be anything!

If you spend more time focusing on the light you have in your life you will start to realize that the more you look, the more you see.


[00:41] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily! Happy Tuesday, you beautiful human being you. It's Tune-In Tuesday today, which means it's time for some self-reflection. If you can find a quiet place to sit down, just so you can tune in and maybe get to know yourself a little bit better today. Let's go. Today I have a topic that I feel is really, really, really positive. Sometimes when we do a lot of this personal development work, or when we spend a lot of time looking at ourselves, we tend to focus on the negative or what we want to improve in our lives, how we can feel better or do better or be better. Today I want us to focus on something that is already working really well in our lives. Something that's already flowing beautifully for us so that one area of your life that you know you have where you actually don't really have a lot of problems.

[01:41] Just talking about that, I can feel how it elevates my energy because it's such a nice practice to have to focus on the things that we have in life that are already flowing well. We can get really caught up in trying to improve and fix and do better in the areas where things aren't flowing. So many of us, we spend a lot of time focusing on those things, right? Those areas that aren't working well. Well, today's practice for Tune-In Tuesday is all about focusing on what is already working well in our lives. Let's take a moment to drop into that place inside of our hearts, so if you want, you can close your eyes. You can play as one or both hands on top of your chest and then maybe even turn the corners of the mouth up into a smile so you can just feel into your heart for what the truth on this topic actually is for you.

[02:34] Something that is working well in my life is… Something that is working well in my life is… What is that area of your life that is working so beautifully well right now? Take a moment and really feel into it in your heart. Perhaps you have a relationship present in your life right now that is flowing so easily. Maybe it's that really good friend you have that you talk to with ease every day. Maybe it's your spouse or your partner and you have this really good thing going right now. Maybe it's the relationship with your kids, with your dog, with anyone you have in life that perhaps you've been taking a little bit for granted. Maybe you have a beautiful situation flowing at a work where things are just going so easy. Maybe you feel very abundant lately. Perhaps you have something going on in your personal life that you feel is going so well.

[03:25] Maybe how you treat yourself could be your health, your yoga practice, really tap into this area of your life. Perhaps you can think of a bunch of things. Focus on that and just take in the energy and that beautiful simplicity and ease that comes with recognizing how much this area of your life is actually flowing, how beautiful it is that it's working, how thankful you are that this part of your life is working and let that settle for a moment. You can take a big breath all the way into the center of the heart, right where you have the palms of your hands right now and just feeling some gratitude for the flow you have in this area of your life. How beautiful that you have this blessing of this thing already working so very well. Let's take a full breath in through the nose.

[04:28] And out through the mouth. Go ahead and open your eyes. I don't know about you but I have a big smile on my face right now. Just focusing my energy and awareness toward the things in my life that are going really well automatically makes me really happy, automatically makes me feel like my whole life actually is pretty easy, right? Like I have so many things going for me. We need to spend more time focusing on the good, focusing on what flows rather than only focusing on what isn't going well. So let's spend the entire rest of the day choosing to see the light we have in our lives, choosing to see the things that are going so beautifully well. Thank you so much for practicing this self-reflection with me today. If you want to share with someone, this is a beautiful topic to share with a friend or with a family member. You can also go to and share on our community board there. So something that is working well in my life. Share it with the world! Thank you so much for tuning in. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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