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Yoga Girl Daily - October 1st 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

Frustration is a normal and natural emotion. It’s often linked to anger and inaction; we haven’t been able to fully let our emotions out or we feel helpless and like we need to make a change.

For Tune-In Tuesday, reflect on what has been frustrating you lately. Most importantly, try to dive deep into what lies beneath the situation. Is there something you can do to take action?

Only you know the answer, and you can find it through self-reflection.


[00:48] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, everyone! It's Tuesday over here at Yoga Girl Daily, which of course means it's Tune-In Tuesday and time for us to tune in and do a little bit of self-reflection. Today I have a topic in mind that gets me going and this is something that I feel like it's important for all of us to have at least a moment in the week where we get to reflect on this so that we can find an avenue to release this energy if it's stuck in the body.

[01:24] Our topic today is frustration and I find this really fascinating because frustration or that feeling of being frustrated, it's very linked to two things. It's linked to anger. Of course, sometimes anger can mask as frustration, but instead of releasing our anger in a full and complete way, we find ourselves just feeling a little bit frustrated by different things all throughout the day. The second thing that frustration is really linked to is inaction. Sometimes we can actually walk around with a feeling of frustration for the simplest things where actually we are able to take some sort of action to either clear or heal or fix or walk away from that thing or situation that's making us feel frustrated in the first place. So if you have the ability to sit down finding that comfortable place where you can close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths with me, go ahead and do that right now. Let's take a cleansing breath right here. So take a deep breath in through the nose, open the mouth and let it out.

[02:27] So our topic for this moment of self-reflection is this: “Something that frustrates me these days is…” Something that frustrates me these days is… and take a moment is to feel how that question or how that reflection, how that's resonating inside of your body. What's been frustrating you lately? And if you find yourself in a really calm and happy place right now, perhaps you have to dig a little bit deeper to actually connect to something. Maybe you just came from something really frustrating. Perhaps you can pull 10 different things out of the bag right now. But whatever first comes to mind as something that's been hard lately, something that's been frustrating you, something that maybe gets your blood boiling. It can be that thing that keeps showing up in your life in different ways. Or perhaps you see it all around. Perhaps it's, it could be an injustice, something that you see happening and unfolding around you that really has been driving you crazy.

[03:24] It could be an injustice that you're facing at work. It could be something that you've been moving through with a friend or in a relationship. It could be something petty and small that's taking place in your household. What's been frustrating you lately? Take a moment to really just connect to that and then feel inside of your body, the emotion or the energy that's stirred inside of you by connecting to that frustrating thing. Perhaps you feel your heart beating a little bit faster. Maybe you feel your blood actually boiling. You actually are able to raise the temperature in our body a little bit by connecting to that power that lies beneath frustration or anger. And as you meditate on this a little bit, see if you can take a moment to connect to what lies beneath that situation. So perhaps you know if you're frustrated by something unjust that happened to you or to someone at work, maybe what lies beneath that feeling of frustration as a feeling of being powerless, of not being able to act or change.

[04:27] If you're frustrated right now by the climate situation, perhaps what lies beneath that is a sense of fear. Where are we going? What's going to happen with this world? If you're frustrated with your partner right now, perhaps what lies beneath that emotion is a little bit of insecurity. What's happening in your relationship? Perhaps you're looking for some sort of change to be sparked in your partner, but you're just not seeing it. Have you communicated that? Have you actually dug a little bit deeper to what lies beneath that feeling? Maybe you feel frustrated because you feel overwhelmed and you haven't given yourself enough space to soften and relax and destress. What's beneath that feeling of frustration? Is there something you can do to take action around that? Is there something you can speak up about? Is there something you can change? Is there something that you can move around or shift or perhaps, is there something there that you can walk away from or let go of? Only you know the answers to these questions, but give yourself just another few moments to really breathe into that space. See if you can connect to what actually lies beneath that emotion.

[05:43] Let's take another full breath in. Open the mouth, let it go. Go ahead and blink your eyes open. I would love for you to following this podcast. Either take a moment to journal on this topic because it's an important one. Something that frustrates me these days is… Or find a person, a friend, or someone to share with on this topic. There's usually always something that lies beneath frustration, and if you can get to the bottom of what that is, you will be able to clear out some of that heavy energy so that you can move through the rest of this week with a little bit more ease. Thank you so much for tuning in with me on this Tuesday. I'll be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]