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Yoga Girl Daily - September 15th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Growth

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About the Episode

Our bodies speak to us on a daily basis. Often we ignore these messages, but listening to what our bodies are saying can be life-changing.

Today’s episode will give you the opportunity to check in with yourself and get a sense of how you are really feeling. By discovering what you are going through physically, and without labelling it or judging it, you may begin to see the meaning of it on a deeper level.

After all, our bodies, hearts and souls communicate, and everything is connected. Tune in to learn your story.


[00:43] Welcome back to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Tuesday, and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week. I have a little topic for us to contemplate today, and just as usual with our Tuesday episodes, give yourself a moment to journal on this as a journaling prompt today. Every practice that we actually sit down and do on our own, tuning into our hearts and that we give space to actually explore will give us much bigger results in the end.

[01:19] Today, and also this past week, I have been really contemplating my body and how much my body actually speaks to me on a day to day basis. On the days when I'm able to tune into my body and listen, I actually have a much easier time moving through whatever life has decided to throw my way that day, but other days it's just a little bit challenging to really be in the body and to tune in and to slow down enough so we can hear what the body tells us when it speaks. So, today I want to do exactly that. Just give us all an opportunity to tune into the body and to check in on what our bodies have been telling us lately. So, taking a moment here now, just to contemplate, you know, either today and how you've been moving through the day today, maybe past couple of days, what has been going on physically for you?

[02:12] What has it felt like to move through life with this body, in this body, from this body lately, and just see what comes to mind right away. Perhaps you've been feeling super healthy lately. Maybe you've been feeling really energized and active and you know, good overall in the body. Perhaps you've been feeling a little bit slow, maybe a bit heavy, maybe really tired, right? Maybe you've been moving through something very particular, an injury that you're trying to heal or some kind of pain that is flaring up for you. Maybe it's pain that has a pattern to it, you know, that kind of pain or that body part that shows up with pain for you again and again, maybe you have been ill right, moving through some kind of disease or just something that has been feeling tricky for you. So, take a moment and just notice what comes your way, where your awareness goes, when it comes to really feeling into what it's been like to be in this body lately.

[03:11] And then we'll take a moment just to really acknowledge that, right? So, without labeling it as good or bad, we're so quick to go, okay if we feel energized, then that's good. And if we feel tired and that's bad, or if we feel pain, then that's bad. And if we are pain-free then that's good. So, just trying to approach this with a little less judgment. Without labeling it as something high or low, or good or bad, but just acknowledging what you're moving through physically right now for what it is, without having to necessarily fix it or change it right away. So, whatever specifics you've been experiencing in your body lately, what do you think your body is trying to tell you? So, if you were to approach this experience that you're having from this physical plane, from a very emotional and spiritual standpoint, what could it mean on a bigger level?

[04:08] So, for me personally, I have been moving through some really weird pain over the past couple of weeks, some upper back tension, strange shoulder pain on my right shoulder that's come and gone. That's really unusual for me. Some neck pain as well. And then I've had some days that felt good, but I've had this overall feeling of pain or tightness in my upper back. And if I give myself a moment just to sit with that, what do I think that my body is trying to tell me, or teach me, through this experience that I'm having with that pain? Immediately what resonates as truth is that feeling that I'm carrying a lot of heavy weight on my shoulders right now. I've been feeling really responsible for big things and feeling a little weighed down by some heavy stuff in life. And I can sense how my body is absorbing this for me.

[04:57] And it's like, I'm physically holding the world on my shoulders right now. So of course, you know, of course I feel some pain in my shoulders. Of course, things feel heavy or sore or tight. So, take a moment right now to tune into that for yourself, with this particular experience that you have been having in your body lately, what could it mean if it was more than just purely physical? Is there something you can relate this to on an emotional level, perhaps a feeling that you've been having, something that you're moving through, maybe a spiritual lesson, something that your body wants to nudge you toward or open your eyes to right now. A great journaling prompt today is: Something my body has been trying to tell me lately is… Something my body has been trying to tell me lately is… Give yourself 15 minutes to journal on this today. Just free writing, finish that sentence and see what you learn about yourself. Because trust me when I say the body is so, so intelligent and whatever challenges you've been moving through physically lately, it also relates to your heart and your soul. Wishing you a beautiful day of connecting with your body today. Thank you so much for tuning in. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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