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Yoga Girl Daily - April 28th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Growth, Love, Self-Love, Healing

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About this Episode

Take some time today to contemplate what is weighing heavy on your heart.

Is there something unspoken inside of you that you need to get off your chest? Maybe you are navigating a tricky relationship and have to set a boundary. Maybe you’ve recently had a big realization about yourself and your actions are not yet in alignment with your soul. Maybe you feel passionate about a global issue and need to raise your voice for a cause.

Whatever it may be, today is the day to work through it - but don’t forget to do it as lovingly as possible.

Tune in to hear the first step.


[00:36] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, you guys! It is Tune-In Tuesday today, so time for our self-reflection or self-inquiry for this week. I have something on my mind today for today's topic that has been playing out in my life recently and I actually realized that I needed this as a release, as a deepening inside of myself because I was holding onto a lot and not even aware of it. Today I want us to take a moment to contemplate something that is weighing heavy on us right now. Something that we feel like we need to get out of our system. Something that we need to speak up about. Our prompt of the day is this: Something I need to get off of my chest is… Something I need to get off my chest is…

[01:41] So take a moment right now just as you're listening to this prompt. to this theme of the day. You know, how does that resonate inside of you? If immediately your mind brought you someplace where you know right away exactly what this thing is, this thing that you need to get off your chest right now, then take this moment as a sign that today is the day to really work through this, whatever it is. And sometimes we need to really meditate on and contemplate and journal on, you know, what we have going on in our lives to actually get to some clarity there. So what is something that you need to get off your chest? What is something that you have that is unspoken inside of you? It could be that in one of your relationships right now, if it's within your family or your friends or acquaintance or a colleague or something like that, where you have felt put aside or set aside, where you have felt stepped on, where you're witnessing behavior that you feel like is not okay, where you feel like a person is treating you in a way that's not okay or other people. Perhaps right now what this means, this thing you need to get off your chest, this you're setting a boundary saying, Hey, I don't like this or, Hey, this is not okay for me when you do that.

[02:46] Perhaps the thing that you need to get off your chest is something that you have realized, maybe throughout these weeks of this lockdown in this pandemic, we have all learned so much about ourselves and sometimes the things that we encounter within us actually need some sort of action taken on the outside. So if you've had a big realization about yourself or about your life or your past and then you're not living in alignment with that realization, it might start to feel like you're carrying around something heavy. Maybe there is a conversation that you need to be having right now that you're not having, right? Especially if it's something around our, our close family. It can be really hard to have those conversations if we want to see a change or we want to speak up about something.

[03:30] So contemplate today, you know, of course this is a very individual process. Sometimes we really want to speak out loud how we're feeling. Sometimes we want to keep it to ourselves. What is a way that you can actually approach this and get this off of your chest maybe without hurting the other person? So, making sure that when you release this, when you speak up about this thing, whatever it is that's weighing heavy on you right now, that you do it in a way that's as loving as possible. So, something I need to get off my chest is… Perhaps the thing you want to speak up about something global right now. Maybe the injustices that you're witnessing and you feel this need to just talk about what's happening to raise your voice for a cause. I suggest you take today to journal on this topic and if you get to a place where you'd like to open up and share, then find a friend or someone you can share with, just a few minutes each to talk about what is going on within you. Thank you so much for doing this practice with me today. This practice for me was a big one. It definitely changed something in my life today and gave me new perspective of something that I really needed to get to. So I'm grateful, too. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with a meditation tomorrow.

[End of Episode]