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Yoga Girl Daily - September 8th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Growth

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About the Episode

Who are you at your core?

It is often the most difficult times that allow us to answer this question - and we have experienced enough challenges this year to get to know ourselves well!

Life is a journey toward accepting and embracing yourself as you are. What lesson is bringing you one step closer to that end right now?

Tune in to dive deeper.


[01:14] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily! Happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome to our Tune-In episode of this week. Today, I would love for us all to take a moment just to acknowledge just how far we've come this year. We have had so many unbelievable things come our way. It doesn't really matter who I talk to. Really every single person I meet, everyone I connect with from a far or here where I live, has gone through both collective and global challenges, you know, all the things that we're all facing together, as well as really deeply intense personal, individual challenges as well. It's just one of those years where everything is surfacing. So, I want to take a moment just to connect with ourselves a little bit today and tune into something that we are discovering about who we actually are. That's the really cool thing about going through a challenging time, is it teaches us so much about what's actually moving inside of us, what our triggers are, what's going on in our past that's still present and acting out today. How we react in different situations, maybe parts of our personality that made sense before, but that actually doesn't so much resonate with who we are now. It's just this big exploration of who we are at our core.

[02:43] So, let's take a moment right now, just the way you are. Go ahead and close your eyes. If you want, you can place a hand to your heart or to your belly just to make a connection to the body here now. And then as you slow everything down, just start to feel into the body and into the breath, take a moment just to acknowledge what you've been through this year so far, and chances are it's a lot, right? If you really kind of just in your mind's eye, make a little scan through the year, all the intense and big and heavy and life changing things that have come your way. Sitting here, where you are now in this moment, what have you discovered about yourself? What have you discovered about who you truly are? When push comes to shove, what's actually real and true about you?

[03:39] What is something that you never knew before that you have uncovered about yourself? What is a big lesson you have learned about who you are? What is something that you have maybe spent a whole year kind of chipping away at something that you're discovering, uncovering, standing face to face with right now? For me, one of the things that I am discovering about myself right now is just how much I have relied on the validation from the outside world and how sensitive I've been my whole life to what the world tells me about who I am. So, it's been a really beautiful journey for me this year to actually get to uncover all of those things that have been in the way. It's like I'm sweeping out the cobwebs and little by little arriving at a place where I feel more and more okay being just the way I am, regardless of what other people tell me, regardless of what other people think.

[04:38] So, it feels like a really big lesson just to become faced with just how sensitive I've been to the outside opinions of people and how beautiful it is to arrive at a place where I can just trust myself and who I am and not be so quick to waiver or sway or change course based on what other people want me to do. So, what's true for you? Take a moment here now, just to really anchor into, of course the challenge that you've been through, but most importantly, what you are learning about who you actually are. What is the gold, you know, that you can find at the depth at the heart of all of this? And if there's something that I really feel as a big truth for all of us is at the end of this, whenever that comes, you know, I love that saying it will all be okay in the end and if it's not okay, it's not the end, right?

[05:33] So, whenever the end arrives that we will all be here with big realizations, with big learnings, big lessons, those big pieces of gold that we will take with us for the rest of our lives. And maybe even at the end of it, all, finding some gratitude for having this opportunity to get to know ourselves so intimately and so closely. If you would like to take a moment to journal on this, I highly recommend it. You can just begin with a prompt, as simple as: “Something I am discovering about myself right now is…”. Something I am discovering about myself right now is… and then spend a good 15 minutes journaling on that. See where it takes you. Thank you so much for taking this moment to contemplate with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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