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Yoga Girl Daily - November 12th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

How are you feeling in this exact moment? Not how you felt yesterday, or how you felt this morning, or how you expect to feel later today. How are you doing right now?

The practice of feeling our feelings in the present moment is one we should return to again and again. This life allows us to feel a large range of emotions and each one is valid and beautiful!

Let yourself sit with what right here, right now.


[00:42] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday! It's Tune-In Tuesday today, which means it's time for us to practice a little bit of self-reflection. So as usual with our Tune-In Tuesdays here at Yoga Girl Daily, you can take this topic that we're going to practice today, you can make it a much bigger or give yourself plenty of time to dive a little bit deeper than just the length of this podcast. So if you want to journal on this topic later today or maybe even better – find a friend to share with, I would love to invite you to deepen a little bit as well. Today our topic is actually very, very, very simple and a topic of self-reflection that I practice every single day and it's exactly this: Right now, I feel… Right now, I feel…

[01:44] Meaning how are you feeling right now? Not, you know, how is your whole entire day going? Not what's going on, not what was yesterday and not what are you thinking about for tomorrow, but in this moment right now, as you are listening to these words, wherever you are, however you are listening to this podcast right now, right now, in this moment in your life, what do you feel? How are you doing? Let's take a few minutes to see if we can really answer that question and answer it absolutely truthfully. So right now I feel… If you want, you can close your eyes and take a moment to connect the palms of your hands anywhere to your body. So maybe your heart, maybe the low belly. Let's take a cleansing breath. So fill the body all the way up. Inhale.

[02:41] Open the mouth and let it go. Exhale. How are you doing? How are you feeling really in this moment here, now what is going on? How are you feeling in your heart? And see if you can allow for yourself to get to the answer to that question, but just all on your own. And sometimes we feel a little bit resistant to actually getting to the core of what we're feeling, especially if the emotion that's there is a little bit challenging for us to release. Or maybe if we don't have a lot of practice and holding space for that emotion. So let yourself go there even if it's uncomfortable. Yeah. Even if it's hard. And for these kinds of practices, let's try to not attach a judgment or a label to whatever emotion you're experiencing right now. We tend to feel or think that emotions like joy or happiness or gratitude, like they're very positive and we should feel more of that and like sadness or anger or confusion, like that's bad.

[03:54] And we should try to feel less of that. Actually, our hearts are these big vessels that hold everything. They encompass every emotion and we're meant to feel all of these different things. That's the beauty of life. So, sadness is just as worthwhile, just as precious, as joy. So try to not call anything positive or negative or good or bad. Just notice what it is you're feeling right now and notice what the response or what kind of response you get in your body, in your breath, as you acknowledge and hold space for that emotion, perhaps automatically you can breathe a little bit deeper or maybe you feel that tightening somewhere in the body as you drop in to experiencing that emotion. Maybe energy shifting. Just notice what's happening. If you're feeling joy, what is that like right now? And can you, without attaching that, any idea in your head like I am joyful because, but can you just let yourself feel and be in that joy. And if you're feeling sadness, if you're feeling sad, can you try to approach that exactly the same way? So without attaching it to, Oh, I feel sad because of X, Y, Z. But just letting yourself sit with that sadness right now. Just holding that sadness in your heart. Acknowledge that it's there. Feel it, breathe into it, and just let it be. Whatever is there, whatever you're feeling right now, take this moment to just let it be.

[05:46] Let's take one more full breath, and as you blink your eyes open, see if he can give yourself a couple more minutes just to sit here and feel your feelings. Or if you feel the urge to share with someone, pick up the phone. Go meet someone in person, or use social media and share exactly what's true in your heart right now. Right now, I feel… Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]