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Yoga Girl Daily - August 30th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Being of Service, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

On Fridays we do things that lift us up.

Something often overlooked in a self-care practice is being of service for others. When you do something kind, the happiness you created is felt by everyone involved - you included!

Today, practice a random act of kindness. It will make someone’s day (and yours, too!).

Tune in to get inspired.


[00:33] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday, everyone! I am so excited about Friday, everyone is excited about Friday! When are we not excited about Friday? We are about to head into the weekend and feel good. Fridays of course are all about heading into the weekend feeling good. It's about self-care and doing something that nourishes us and lifts us up. Something that is very, very often overlooked when it comes to a feel-good action is being of service for other people. Of course, we should all aim to be of service for others. In our day to day lives all the time, but when it comes to actual self-care, it's something that we don't often think of as a part of a self-care practice. It absolutely is. For me, whenever we find ourselves in a funk, in a dark place, we have a hard time kind of getting out of a pit of something really challenging.

[01:24] A great way to boost our mood and turn our day around is to look up and around, right? We tend to get really stuck on ourselves. A lot of times we can tend to get a little bit self-absorbed with ourselves, especially if we’re moving through something hard or kind of pondering a big issue in our lives and we forget to look up and look out around us. Being of service to other people is one of those very few things that's actually proven scientifically across the board for everyone to work as a mood boosting activity, so you're doing something kind for someone else. Being kind to someone else will automatically bounce back and hit you straight in the heart and elevate your level of being, too. It's such a beautiful thing. It's a total win-win. Whenever we are kind to other people, we're going to feel that and they are going to feel good.

[02:11] We feel good. It's feel-good all around and that is why today for Feel-Good Friday we are going to practice a random act of kindness. Oh hell yes. Oh you heard that right? I'm so excited about this topic. A random act of kindness. If you don't know what a random act of kindness is, it is exactly what it sounds like. It's something totally random, so not something that's necessarily super planned out or you know that you're taking like a ton of days to figure out. It's something random that you're going to do today. An actual action, an act of being kind toward another person and it can be any person you want.

[03:08] You can take this as far as you like. You can get as creative as you want with it. It can be something as simple as when you're standing in line to get your coffee today, pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you. I had someone do that for me once and it was, it was just a total stranger sitting in front of me. We didn't even speak. I, of course, I had money to pay for my own coffee. That wasn't the thing. It was just the kindest thing. It lifted my whole mood. Just having a stranger, someone we don't know for no apparent reason, do something nice, genuinely kind toward us. It's the best thing ever, so that's a really good thing you can do if you want. You can look for ways to be of service in your day to day.

[03:47] Perhaps when you're grocery shopping, you can offer to carry someone's groceries. Maybe you come across someone who's in actual need, like who needs help with something. Then be kind and help them with that. You can also be a little more creative. You can bring a bunch of sticky notes or post it notes and write beautiful little reminders of beautiful little sayings on them and then plaster them all over the office or stick one under that windshield wiper of a car or hand them to someone as they walk by. If you see someone that you send this feeling a little bit low, perhaps, you know, give them a little gift or a little nudge, a little compliment, something that might just lift their day. If you come across a single parent with a kid offered to help that person out, you can also donate money to an organization to be kind.

[04:31] But this is something that we want to have happen in person, right? So a random act of kindness, preferably where you get to connect with someone and just from the bottom of your heart, be kind to that person. Totally randomly, totally do it. Today! I am so excited about this topic. My mood is all the way skyrocketing right now just introducing this topic of a random act of kindness to you guys, so I cannot wait to see how you're going to get creative and go out there and be kind. Today, if you have the opportunity to take a photo of whatever it is you're doing or write about it, share it to Instagram. You can use the hashtag #yogagirldaily. Then we can all take part and see each other's random acts of kindness all day long, and trust me, you're going to feel amazing, especially if this requires you to get out of your comfort zone, to talk to a stranger. You're going to feel so good afterwards, and you can ride that wave all weekend long. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today and wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead and I'll see you Monday!

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