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Yoga Girl Daily - April 17th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Self-Love, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

For today’s practice, we will be consciously releasing any stuck emotions that are lingering in our nervous systems.

Tune in as Rachel goes through a step by step guide to an emotional release she does almost daily - and a practice that can benefit us all.

Let go of your anger safely, embrace your sadness completely, and move your body intensely.

It may seem crazy, but what is actually crazy is holding it all inside day after day.


[00:36] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday! It's Feel-Good Friday today, so time for us to anchor into some kind of self-care practice to bring us closer to a feel-good vibe for this weekend. Today I have an actual practice in mind. Just like last week I introduced the shaking practice here on the Yoga Girl daily podcast. Hopefully you were able to shake your body and felt really good at the end of that. Today I have another practice I want to introduce. If you have been joining us for our 30 days of free yoga challenge on you have already been a part of this practice once or twice before, but perhaps you haven't and maybe this is the first time you're hearing about this as a conscious practice, in which case I would like to let you know that this practice that I'm about to introduce has the potential to absolutely change your life and I don't say that lightly.

[01:36] I say it because it's true and because I absolutely mean it. Today, we are going to practice a conscious emotional release. Now what does that mean? So it's very simple and very, very profound. It means you are going to dedicate a set amount of time for yourself the same way you would dedicate time to go exercise or to go sit and meditate or to go practice yoga. You're going to dedicate a specific amount of time and space for yourself to consciously release emotions from your system. Now, what that looks like logistically for me, it usually means I lock myself in my bedroom. Sometimes I have the luxury of driving over to my yoga studio when no one is there, but we don't really have that luxury most of us right now, so the bedroom is a good, safe space to be. If you don't have any space or way, you can be alone right now in your house or in your apartment…

[02:26] You can also do this in your car. I kid you not. You can also do this in your car, back of the car. It works wonders or anywhere out in nature where you can be undisturbed and alone also works, but the bedroom usually is a pretty safe space. I have done these with my daughter watching TV one floor up in the living room so you can absolutely do this even if you have kids around the house. Depending on how much time you can give yourself, if you have 30 minutes for yourself that you can actually take for this today, that's great. If you only have 10 or even 5, a little bit also goes a long way. What you're going do is to get on your bed or get into that safe, quiet space. Turn on some music that triggers you emotionally. Turn on some music that makes you feel something.

[03:09] I have a playlist dedicated exactly for this on the Yoga Girl Spotify accounts. If you want, you go to Spotify, search Yoga Girl and follow that account over there. The playlist is called BURN and the playlist begins with some really intense music that allows us to shake anything loose from the body, so just dancing wildly as you are feeling into the body, moving the body however the body wants to move, and then you'll notice the music changes and gets very intense. I have some really angry songs on this playlist and that's because I want you to act out some anger. Acting out anger means that you get on your bed and you start punching the living hell out of your pillows or your mattress. You can stomp your feet and really using your fists, your arms, moving your body intensely is a really great way to release anger in a constructive way.

[04:00] So of course we don't go punching other people but punching into the mattress or a pillow is a really good substitute to release frustration and pent up anger. Screaming, using your voice is amazing. So if you have kids in the house or people around you screaming into a pillow, you cannot hear anything, especially if you have music on, I do this a lot, might sound insane, but once you've done it, you'll realize that the fact that you walk through your entire life every day holding that frustration in, that's what's crazy. And that's also what leads this anger to seep out onto other people and suddenly we'll find ourselves with road rage or acting out on our family or our spouse or our kids. And we don't want to do that. I want to find constructive healing ways to let anger out. So moving your body, kicking, screaming, punching, whatever you need to do to let some of that anger and frustration through.

[04:52] At the end of that playlist, and you can skip some songs if you like, if it's too long for you, but at the end of that playlist comes a couple of songs that allows us to tap into sadness. So if you want to grab a pillow and come into a fetal position and just let yourself cry, that is a beautiful moment to let that sadness through your body, through your system so that we can come out on the other end feeling lighter. Conscious emotional release. Of course, you can do this completely without music. Sometimes I'll go to the beach in a private space and just go scream into the ocean. Doing it in your bedroom is a really safe space, giving yourself five or 10 minutes. The more time you spend, of course the more you'll get out of your system, but even 10 minutes, just five minutes for anger and five minutes for sadness and then a minute to let it settle can turn your day around.

[05:40] And not just your day, but your entire life. Conscious emotional release. And trust me when I say that there is not a person listening right now that isn't holding onto something heavy right now. Today is a perfect day to let some of that go. Let's do it. Conscious emotional release. Today we burn through our emotions consciously. This is a sacred spiritual practice and I am so excited to share it with you today. I would love to hear how you like it, how you felt afterwards. If you want to share with me, you can go to @yoga_girl account on Instagram and write me there or go to and go to the Community Board and talk about your conscious emotional release right there. Wishing you a wonderful release. I really hope you get to scream and cry and punch it out. We all need it. Hopefully this will bring you a little bit closer to feeling good throughout this weekend. Thank you so much for anchoring into this practice with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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