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Yoga Girl Daily - May 22nd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Astrology, Feel-Good Friday, Intention Setting, Growth

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About the Episode

This week, Feel-Good Friday falls on a new moon.

The night sky above us will be completely dark - the perfect opportunity to set new intentions to bring to life with the new cycle of the moon.

Tune in to learn the steps Rachel takes when celebrating the new moon, and then join us on at 2pm EST as we celebrate this ritual together.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday, everyone! It is Feel-Good Friday today and it's time to immerse ourselves in our feel-good practice of this week. I am excited because today Feel-Good Friday happens to also be a new moon, which is super big, super exciting and a really, really, really important date to set intentions for this next cycle ahead. For a new moon, you know, we can't see the moon in the sky. It's the darkest the sky is all moon cycle long and now is the time to plant seeds and to define what it is we want to create for this next cycle. So today for our feel-good practice, I want you to have a new moon ceremony. And a ceremony or a ritual, it doesn't have to be complicated at all. I know for a lot of people that sounds like such a big deal.

[00:55] Like a ceremony around the moon. What? What kind of woo-woo crazy thing is this? A ceremony or a ritual, really is just time spent with intention. It's just creating sacred space for yourself. Actually a ceremony can be something so simple as sitting down, writing in your journal for five minutes, lighting a candle, drinking a cup of tea, and meditating for a little bit, like something that simple. It can be 15-minutes of your time. It doesn't have to be a huge big deal. I am hosting today a big new moon ceremony on if you want to join us over there. If you miss the live portion of that, it's also going to be up on the site all day and tomorrow. You can really do the ceremony at any time around the new moon. Doesn't have to be exactly today, but if you're on your own and you want to do something on your own, taking a moment today, if you can go outside at night and really sit underneath that new moon sky, right?

[01:47] So the sky’s going to be really dark right now. And take a moment to actually sit in silence, to meditate, to feel into your body, to connect with the sky, to connect with a moon, and also to connect with the earth and then give yourself a few moments to journal on your intentions for this next cycle. When it comes to setting intentions, the simpler we can get, so the more we can simplify what it is we are intending to create, the easier it's going to be to actually work with and infuse that intention in your day to day life all the time. Right? So as much as an intention you set on new moon, you forget about it, and then you're hoping that when full moon comes around, you're going to be reaping some of that harvest. Right? That's not how it works. We have to actively work with an intention and take action around it every day.

[02:32] So getting clear, what do you want to create for this next phase of your life? If you did Tuesday’s tune-in practice, we contemplated and journaled on our dream life this week, so hopefully that's really prepared you to get clear on what it is you are intending to create for this next cycle. It's a big deal. It's a big deal. Getting present and being mindful around our intention so that we're not just going through the motions, but we're present with what we are creating and we are aware of the fact that we are creating and manifesting our reality every single day. So journal on your intentions. Define a really clear intention for this next cycle. If you want to light a candle and speak that intention out loud, there's something so powerful about speaking our intentions out loud. Perhaps you want to share them with someone or post them on social media or just speak them out loud to the new moon.

[03:26] Just tilt your head back at the sky and say what you want out of life. That is one beautiful ritual to have. I hope you enjoy setting your intentions today. I hope you enjoy a little new moon ceremony. If you want to join me on we're going to have about a two hour ceremony happening over there so if you have some space and time to, and you want to join us, go right ahead, but know that you can create ceremony and ritual on your own. It doesn't have to be complicated. You absolutely have the power to create sacred space for yourself. I hope this new moon feeling stays with you all weekend long. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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