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Yoga Girl Daily - October 18th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Yoga, Self-Love, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

Today’s self-care practice is to move your body in the form of yoga asana!

Commit to taking whatever time you need on your mat today to flow through a physical practice as you connect to your breath. Make sure you set no expectations. Just listen to what your body needs! Do you want to sweat? Is your body craving some relaxation? Are you looking for an extra-long Savasana?

You’ll know as you go!


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily everyone and happy Friday! We have made it through a whole work week! Woop woop! It's Feel-Good Friday today, it's time for us to transition into the weekend with a self-care practice that will leave us feeling really good. Today, I have something in mind that I feel might, you know, sound like it should be an obvious one, especially for this community, but something that I actually think might be a little bit overlooked and maybe we need to infuse a little bit of extra passion and purpose into this practice. And that is… drum roll… yoga. This is Yoga Girl Daily, so of course you know in this community we all practice yoga, but we don’t talk about the yoga practice as much on the daily show. We have so many different types of self-care practices and I think maybe because I'm just kind of assuming that we're all doing yoga every day, which actually isn't true and many of us struggle with having that daily practice, that routine of actually rolling out our mats and getting into our practice every single day.

[01:03] So today for Feel-Good Friday we are going to make sure we practice yoga asana, so the posture is we practice on the mat, moving our body, connecting to our breath. And I would love it if today, so whenever you get a chance today, really carve out enough time that you can roll out your mat and have a solid chunk of time to practice. If you are used to practicing always at a studio and you're kind of always going to a different teacher. If you have a yoga mat at home, today roll out your mat, step on your mat without any expectations and see if you can drop into a space where you can actually guide yourself through a practice. And that means giving yourself a couple of minutes at the very beginning of that practice to tune into the breath, to feel into the body and to listen to what the body needs today.

[01:48] The body needs different things every single day. Perhaps today you need to really move and really sweat and get going with some sun salutations and some dynamic poses that gets you, gets your heart rate up and it gets your blood pumping. Perhaps what you need is an absolutely restorative practice where you have tons of props and you're supporting yourself with a wall and with a bolster and with blankets. Maybe what you need today is a really long savasana. So listening to what the body needs and then acting accordingly. And if you stay really in tune with your body throughout your practice, you'll be able to design a home practice that's perfect for you today. So getting out of that idea that our Asana practice has to be something special, right? It has to look a certain way every time. Actually, your yoga practice should be a little bit different every day because every day we wake up feeling a little bit different.

[02:37] So for our Feel-Good Friday practice today, practice yoga. And honestly it doesn't really matter how you do it. If you're feeling unmotivated, ask a friend to come with you to practice role at your mat next to each other. Breathe and flow together. If you prefer to practice at a studio with a teacher, go ahead and do that. As long as you get that practice in, make it really purposeful, especially the part of our yoga practice that takes place on the mat. We tend to sometimes just dive into the poses and this idea that we have of what yoga should be when we're on the mat, so really make it that sacred space for you to tune into yourself. That moment of the day where you can actually give yourself what you need, where you can fill your cup. You've had a really busy week this week, whatever yoga practice you've gotten in this week so far, maybe it's been really short.

[03:25] Maybe you've squeezed in some time in between, so especially now that we're heading into the weekend, let's have this practice be our transition from our busy work week into a weekend filled with relaxation. A moment that we can replenish the body and replenish the heart again. Roll out your mat and practice tons of ways for you to do it. If you're at home, that home practice is beautiful. You can, of course, also practice online. You can go to for a bunch of videos. There's free videos on YouTube. There are so many options out there but remember what's important is that you have that time to tune into yourself, to set a good intention, tap into the breath to move the body. End your practice with a gorgeously, long, juicy moment in savasana so that you really have that space to integrate everything that unfolded in your practice today. And hopefully, I mean, it's the yoga girl daily, so I practice yoga every day, but I still need that motivation to get on my mat every day. Hopefully this episode will serve as just that. Wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead. I hope you get lots of yoga in this weekend and that you get to start next week feeling amazing. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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