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Yoga Girl Daily - November 14th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Gratitude, Thankful Thursday

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About the Episode

If there is one thing that takes us away from gratitude the most, it’s complaining! Little complaints may slip out of our mouths every day more than we realize.

So, let’s take an entire day to not complain at all. Every time you catch yourself, make a little note.

Can you change the way you are communicating your feelings? Are you complaining a lot about the same thing?

Maybe this is an indicator that you need to make a change! Bring yourself back to gratitude.

You’ll feel really great at the end of the day.


[00:42] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Thursday. It's Thankful Thursday today, which means it's time for us to drop into that place of gratitude. Today I want to take a moment to focus on the one thing that actually takes us away from gratitude the most, and that is complaining! I don't know if there is such a thing as an opposite of gratitude, but I like to believe, or at least it feels that way in my mind that the opposite of feeling thankful is complaining, right? When we're just looking around at our lives and all we see are things that aren't working and we start to verbalize those things that we don't like, things that we are annoyed with, those little complaints that might be slipping out of our mouths way more in a day than we actually realize.

[01:38] So if the opposite of gratitude is complaining, then how about if we would take an entire day today to not complain at all? Whoa. And of course we're all a little bit different. So, and of course depends on what kind of place you are in your life as well. Some of us are a little bit more prone to complaining or verbalizing our complaints than others. So it might be a challenging thing for some of you. But I want us to take today to get really, really present with how much we are complaining about things in our day to day lives. And take today to try and not complain about anything at all. So making a little vow or a little pledge to yourself to get super present with how you are communicating your feelings throughout the day. And you might have a specific person in your life that you complain to the most.

[02:32] Perhaps it's your spouse, your partner, your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, that person close to you that kind of gets to receive the brunt of your complaints. If you know who that person is. For me, definitely it's my husband. If I'm ever complaining about stuff, he's the first one to hear it. If you know who that person is, go to that person and let them know that, Hey, I'm pledging to have a complaint free day today so that they can help hold you accountable. And if they catch you complaining about anything at all, they can give you that little friendly nudge just to make you aware of the fact that you're complaining and then you can stop it and bring yourself back to a place of gratitude. So how it's going to work is that the moment you catch yourself with a thought or verbalizing a complaint out loud as something that you feel just isn't right.

[03:21] And it can be anything from super small things. Perhaps you find yourself complaining about, you know, traffic in the morning or you're complaining about something that isn't really going well at work or you got the wrong coffee order at your coffee place or little things all day long. Perhaps even you find yourself complaining about the same thing again and again, and then this might be a really important practice for you or you're complaining about the same person again and again. So especially if you catch yourself making similar complaints all the time or almost complaining about the same thing again and again, that might be a really good indication that it's time for you to change something. If you're complaining about the same thing a lot, chances are that may be your due to make a change. Perhaps there is something or someone you need to create a little bit of space around, let go of or change her approach entirely.

[04:16] So when you catch yourself making that complaint or complaining out loud immediately turn everything around and make your way back to gratitude. So when you catch yourself with a complaining kind of thought or complaining out loud, immediately bring your awareness to something that you have in that moment, right there and then, to be really grateful for. If you're at the coffee shop and you didn't get the coffee you ordered instead of complaining about it, what are you grateful for in that moment? Are you perhaps, where can you perhaps drop into a place of gratitude just from that pure ability to order coffee in the morning that you have the funds to do that every day, right? That's a pretty cool thing. Or perhaps you can be a little bit curious and go, Hey, I didn't get what I ordered, but maybe the thing you got is even more delicious or perhaps an opportunity to try something new.

[05:08] Or maybe you can cut the person in front of you a little bit of slack and bring some kindness into that situation. So that was just an example. But whatever you find yourself that you're about to complain about immediately, bring some gratitude back in and focus on that instead of verbalizing that complaint out loud and promise me when I tell you that you are going to feel really good at the end of the day, if we can change all of our complaints into gratitude, man, we're going to be living this amazing practice straight from the heart every damn day. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. I think having a complaint free day is really, really, really cool practice to have and if you make it through the day completely, perhaps continue all the way through the rest of the week. Thanks for listening to Yoga Girl Daily. I'll be back tomorrow!

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