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Yoga Girl Daily - November 6th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

Today for your meditation practice, show up exactly as you are.

Drop all your expectations and judgements about what meditation should be. You don’t need to breathe or sit in a certain way.

If you meet yourself the way you are, you will notice what is showing up for you. Your body and your breath hold the truth of the moment.

Notice it and stay right here; the rest will follow.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday, you beautiful human being! It is Wellbeing Wednesday today which means it’s time for us to meditate. I hope you’re able to listen to this somewhere super quiet. I like to, I'm actually doing these meditations myself on the go. I like to save them in my podcast app and then come back to them when I really have a quiet place to sit down. Sometimes it helps to also listen to when I'm on the go, but sometimes doing them twice in a day the second time when I have a little bit more peace actually helps me to really center a little bit more. So if you can give yourself some space and silence today, please do it. Let's find a comfortable place to sit. So wherever you are, however you are. Today for our meditation practice, I want us to allow ourselves to show up exactly the way we are and not feel like we have to change anything or drop into a place of peace or stillness.

[01:08] I think the idea of meditation sometimes evokes this, this thought that we have to do something or be something special. Or look at something in a specific way or have our posture be a certain way or the breath be a certain way and today drop every idea that you've had of this practice. Yeah. Drop any expectations, any judgments, anything your mind is telling you about what meditation should or shouldn't be, just drop it. Let's see if we can meet ourselves the way we already are, right here, right now. So, you can close the eyes and begin to bring your awareness inward. And feeling into your heart space for a moment. What is showing up for you right now? What is the truth of this moment? Allow yourself to arrive exactly there. What is the truth of this moment? How are you feeling? What's unfolding inside of you right now? And just take a moment to feel into that.

[02:26] Noticing how this is reflected in your breath and without even having to change to breath all that much, just by noticing the breath, see if you can allow it to gently, softly begin to slow down. So noticing the inhale in through the nose, exhale out through the nose and acknowledging the spaces in between as well. Every part of the breath.

[03:08] And then the longer or the more time you spend focused on the breath here, notice what happens or what shifts around the body as well. If there is any tension or tightness anywhere on the body, just notice that without feeling like you have to drop something or let something go. Just notice where is the tension. Oh, okay. It’s there. Or maybe in your shoulders or your neck or somewhere else. Okay. What are you feeling in your heart without changing it or trying to bring yourself to peace or anything like that. Just notice. Essentially this is what the practice of meditation is. It's meeting ourselves the way we are, meeting ourselves as we are. Coming back home to that place inside of ourselves, where it's okay to be the way we are right now. Or it's okay for us to just sit here and not have to change anything and not have to fix anything, but where it's okay for us to just be. Just breathe. Then bringing your awareness to this moment right now and everything that's unfolding inside of you. So just stay right here. Stay right here. Stay right here. Well, let's take a deep breath. Inhale.

[04:53] Through the nose, exhale. Then do that again. Deep breath. Exhale. One more time. Inhale through the nose and through the nose. Let it go. And if you'd like, you can take a couple of more moments just to stay very present, feeling into the body and into the bra. Thank you so much for tuning into this practice today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with some gratitude tomorrow.

[End of Episode]