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Yoga Girl Daily - September 23rd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

Is it difficult to quiet your mind during your meditation practice? Here’s some news: that doesn’t mean you’re bad at meditating, it means you’re human!

Meditation is a practice that allows us to accept what is. It is not about turning your mind off, but acknowledging the thoughts as they come, and then returning to the present moment.

It is about becoming the watcher of your thinking mind and the subtle dance that exists between your surface-level thoughts and moments of true consciousness.

Tune in to return home, again and again.


[00:38] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily everyone, happy Wednesday and welcome to our meditation practice of this week. So, Wednesday being hump day, honestly, I don't know if it counts still with pandemic and all the stuff. It doesn't feel to me anymore as of Wednesday is like the hump or the halfway of the week. But it is a really good day to give yourself a moment to tune in, to just center into the present moment, to feel, to breathe, to be here now. Of course, every day is a good day to do that, but I love that we have this halfway point of the workweek to meditate together.

[01:28] So, take a moment right now and just find a comfortable, comfortable place to sit. So, I talk about this a lot, but there is no wrong posture to have when you're practicing meditation, especially for these short little bite sized moments that we have together, you can lie down, you can stay on the couch, you can sit in your office chair, in your car, on your yoga mat, on your meditation cushion, or just the way you are here now. So, take a moment right away just to close the eyes and check in. What is it like to be here in this moment? Or what is this transition like for you right now? That transition from your regular day to day moment to closing your eyes and beginning to center into the body. Let's take a huge, huge, deep, full breath in, through the nose, open the mouth and let it out.

[02:35] And then keep the breath flowing through the nose, just the way it naturally moves in and out of the body. And as you continue to just allow the breath to steady itself a little bit, see if you can really bring all of your awareness to the center of your own being right now. So, that means if your mind is very busy today, or you have lots of things going on in your head, we allow for that to remain the way it is. So, this practice is not about turning the brain off or turning the mind off in any way, but acknowledging if your mind is busy, notice the thoughts as they come up. If it feels like it's almost instant, constant chatter happening in your mind, notice that. And what we do instead is just bring the awareness back to the breath and back to the body.

[03:29] So, noticing those thoughts without attaching to them, without identifying with them as truth, just notice them, become the watcher of your thinking mind, and then bring your awareness back to the breath. And it's almost like this little dance that we're practicing right now. You're just here in the body, here in this moment, breathing, feeling, and then you notice your awareness drifting off into the head, notice a thought that came your way, acknowledge that, and then come back to the body again. And it's that dance of stepping away for a moment and then returning back home and then stepping away for a second and then returning back home. And when you feel that you're stepping away or being drawn somewhere outside of this moment or into that thought or into that idea, try to not label that as a bad thing. It doesn't mean that you're bad at meditation or that you're stressed right now or that anything is wrong at all, but your mind is meant to produce thoughts.

[04:38] And this practice is not about switching those thoughts off, but the practice of returning back to the body. It's the returning that's the point, right? It's coming back. And the moment we catch ourselves just witnessing that thought, acknowledging that, Oh, I stepped away for a moment. That's that deep presence inside of you, that higher presence that can actually be bigger and much more profound, that big consciousness that can notice the thought. So, that happens already outside of the mind space, it's already happening in your consciousness. So, with that mindset, every time we get distracted or every time a thought takes us away, we can find some gratitude for the returning, some gratitude for that moment of actually bringing ourselves back home, bringing our awareness back into the body, back into the breath. And then you continue that dance, that practice, without attaching a judgment to anything being right or wrong or good or bad, but just allowing this experience to unfold the way it is. So, a thought comes up, step away and then return home. Acknowledge, and then come back. And then all the while, keep that steady, long breath moving through the nose. Now feel free to linger in this space a little while longer. For me when I tune into these meditations, sometimes I like a couple of extra minutes at the end just to really let everything settle. So, feel free to stay with your eyes closed. Continuing this practice, continue centering into the body, coming back home again and again and again. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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