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Yoga Girl Daily - September 2nd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

Meditation is a space for you to take what you need - and your breath can always tell you what that is.

Every inhale holds a story.

Is your breathing tense or relaxed? Long or short? Deep or shallow?

Tune in to sense how you are feeling and allow your intuition to guide you. You may notice your breath has transformed by the end of it.


[00:45] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday everybody, and welcome to our meditation practice of this week. Let's not waste any time, so just right away, as you are, finding a comfortable place to sit. And how about for this practice, if you're sitting on a chair, go ahead and uncross your legs and physically ground the soles of the feet onto the floor. If you're sitting on the floor or on a yoga mat right now, we're going to create plenty of space for the spine. So, finding a nice long posture here where you can ground the sit bones to the earth, but let the crown of the head rise just a little bit taller up to the sky.

[01:29] And then as your eyes close, just take a moment to notice how intuitively you want to place your hands. So, sometimes we bring the palms of the hands facing down. It's a little more of a grounding position. Or hands might linger somewhere onto the body, the belly, the heart, your lap, your knees. And other times we face the palms up toward the sky, which is a little bit more of a receiving, open, trusting position. So, noticing where you ended up just now and then if you can let the shoulders drop down your back just a little bit more, perhaps a slight tuck of the chin. And without changing the breath at all today, so without even thinking about deepening the breath or growing the breath deeper or fuller, just notice what the breath is like right now. Just notice what the breath is like in this moment, what your breath is showing you about your level of wellbeing right now, just noticing what the breath is like.

[02:37] It's a great indicator just to check in with how we are feeling in this moment and see if you can do that completely without judgment, without labeling it as good or bad, but just notice is your breath a little bit restricted right now? Does it feel tense, does it feel short? Do you sense any stress or any tension around the breath? Is one of your nostrils a little bit constricted or is there anything specific going on around the breath today? Just notice. Or is your breath naturally very deep, very soft, very long. Can you sense some spaciousness around the breath, that ability to really create space within yourself with every inhale, every exhale.

[03:37] And whichever side of the spectrum you're finding yourself in this moment, just notice what it's like to be here as you are. And if your breath is feeling a little bit tense or short right now, chances are that that's the kind of day you've had so far. And if your breath is naturally a little calmer or fuller, chances are that that's the kind of day you've had so far. So, perhaps using this moment and the quality of your breath right now as an indication for how you're feeling, and also as a little nudge to maybe change something in your day, to adapt your day to how you want to feel on the inside. And that can begin right now. So just little by little, simply with your presence lingering on the breath, the more you relax the body, the more you focus your awareness here now, you'll allow for the body to take deeper breaths.

[04:44] Every breath in will become just a fraction longer and every breath out will become just a fraction deeper. And then looking for that sense of balance, where we're giving as much as we're receiving and the other way around, inhales and exhales just as long. And taking this moment now to sense any subtle changes that you might be experiencing within the body. Just after a few minutes of noticing the breath, noticing how we don't even have to manipulate the breath or change the breath at all, but just bringing your awareness to the breath will allow everything to slow down. It gives you permission to soften. It gives your body permission to let go a little bit and naturally the body will take deeper breaths, which will help you cultivate more space in your day, it will help you slow things down. It will help you ground and be here experiencing this moment from your body. So, let's allow the next breath we take to be the deepest, fullest breath we've taken all day long. So, in through the nose - deep, long, full inhale. Take a moment to pause at the top, sip in just a little bit more air, and then open the mouth and let it all go.

[06:36] And before you open the eyes, you can just turn the corners of the mouth up into the hint of a smile right now, sending some appreciation and gratitude for your ability to come back to this moment, no matter how distracted you get, you can always return here now. So, we blink our eyes open. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]