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Yoga Girl Daily - September 16th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation, Self-Love

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About the Episode

Are you able to sit with sadness, with anger, with grief? Can you allow what is true to be, even when it is hard?

In today’s meditation, you will begin by allowing the breath, the thoughts, and the body to be as they are. With every exhale, you will notice what is moving through your heart.

If you let go of resistance and linger in what is, you increase your capacity to hold it.

This moment won’t be here forever, the only constant is change, and you can make it through.

Tune in to allow what is.


[01:07] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily! Happy Wednesday, everyone. Welcome to our meditation practice of this week. So, I'm sitting here smiling. Before I started recording this podcast, I took a moment for meditation myself and I was able to really tune into the space inside of my heart right now that I just felt like I really missed that today. I didn't have that many opportunities today to get really quiet and to listen and check in. So, that's exactly what I want to offer you today. There are so many benefits of meditation. So many ways to center into meditation. And my favorite moments are the ones where we can actually touch on something emotional, where we can get in tune with what is happening inside of us. How are we doing really?

[02:06] So, just the way you are here, now, go ahead and close your eyes. You can settle into the body, just allowing the body to be the way the body already is, nothing you have to change or fix. And then checking in on the breath, feel free to take a deep, long breath in through the nose. And as you exhale, letting the breath be the way the breath is, and then noticing your mind in this moment, if there's lots of thoughts or lots of chatter happening in your mind right now, same thing there. Just let the mind be the way the mind is and using all of this as a way to get really present in this moment. And then from there, we'll place one hand on top of our chest, so right at the center of the chest, your heart space and see if you can physically really make contact there. So, this is a physical part of our bodies. It's also an energetic center. Our heart chakra is here, and it's a very emotional place. In this moment here now, what's moving inside of your heart?

[03:27] How are you doing here now really? So, breathing deeply into your heart right now, you can allow your breaths to be directed into the palm of the hand, just imagining with every inhale that you're able to create a little bit of space, just a little bit of space around the heart, space to listen, space to breath, space to be. And then at every time you exhale, allowing something to soften within you. Softening the heart, your shoulders, your belly. How are you doing right now? So, not earlier today, not later on, but in this moment here now, if you were able to be absolutely totally truthful with yourself, you don't have to hide or fix or escape or try to move away from what's happening inside of you right now. Nothing you have to change, right? Just acknowledging what it's like to be here in this moment, and then see if you can actually touch on that emotion a little bit.

[04:47] So, whatever comes up, right? If you're feeling a little sad or a little happy, little in between, If you’re feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed from this moment, energized or tired, whatever is here. See if you can hold it a little closer to your heart. Actually, step into that place and acknowledge yourself. Yes, I am… and then fill in the blank with that emotion. So yes, I am tired or yes, I am excited or yes, I am terrified. Whatever is true. Actually, if you're alone in this moment, maybe even speaking that out loud. Just repeat it to yourself a couple of times. Validating your own emotion in this moment. Yes I am. What are you right now? Knowing that whatever feeling you're experiencing now, it's not forever. The only constant that we know is change, but in this moment here, now, this is what you're feeling and guess what?

[05:58] It's okay to feel the way you're feeling. It makes sense that you're feeling this right now. It's okay to feel exactly this. And what if you could give yourself a few moments right now where you actually don't have to change anything about what you're experiencing here. So, if you're feeling sadness, making space for that sadness, acknowledging that sadness to yourself saying, yes, I am sad. So, letting go of whatever resistance might have been present inside of you around this emotion and just taking a moment to linger as you are, right? And every time we do that, even if it's just for a few minutes, the way we're doing now, every time you let yourself be with what's true, even if it's a hard thing, every time you linger in that place, you increase your capacity to hold it. Meaning next time sadness or whatever it is, comes your way you might find yourself actually taking a deep breath and allowing it.

[07:08] Instead of spending your entire day resisting that emotion that's actually present in your heart now. And with that practice, we might be able to find just a little more ease. That ability to go with the flow. Maybe to let go a little bit of trying to control everything that comes our way, but just giving ourselves that validation that yes, it's okay to feel the way I'm feeling right now. There's nothing wrong with me. There's nothing wrong with what I'm feeling. There's nothing I have to change, but I'm okay the way I am. So, if you feel okay saying that out loud, now is a good time. I am okay the way I am. Let's take a huge breath into that place. Open the mouth and let it out. Gently blinking your eyes open. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Wishing you a grounded rest of this day. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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