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Yoga Girl Daily - September 25th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

As you’re meditating today for Wellbeing Wednesday, find a space for the body to settle so your sit bones are rooted into the ground while the crown of your head is lengthening to the sky.

This makes space for our prana, our life force, to easily move through the body.

As you focus on your breath, notice the space between the inhales and the exhales. See if you can extend that pause a little more.

That quiet moment of nothingness, of stillness, of in between – that’s where the universe resides.


[00:43] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday! We've made it to Wellbeing Wednesday! This week, whatever this week has brought you, if it's been a great week or a challenging one, if you feel high or low or anything in between, it's time for us to sit down and become truly present with where we are right now. So Wellbeing Wednesday, it's time for us to meditate. Make sure you find a comfortable place where you can actually sit down and quietly tune in to the present moment. And then once you're feeling comfortable, let's make sure we have a really good space for the body to settle right now. So whether you're sitting on the ground or in a chair, let's lengthen the spine a little bit. See if you can root down through the sits bones and lift up, grow a little bit taller through the crown of the head. This allows the body to create more space for the breath, for our prana, for our life force to move through our system. And then once you get there, go ahead and close the eyes and suddenly beginning to draw your awareness towards your natural breath. So without changing the depth of your breath, without changing anything at all about your breath in this moment, Just noticing what that natural pace, the natural cadence of the breath in and the breath out is like.

[02:12] And then try to become very, very present with how the breath is moving in through the body and how the breath is releasing out through the body again. Noticing the inhale, what's unfolding inside of you on the breath in noticing the exhale and everything that's shifting and changing on the breath out. And as you do that, just following the flow and the rhythm of your own breath in, your own breath out. Let's go ahead and also bring our awareness to the space that lies between the breaths. So at the very top of the inhale, there's that little gap a little before the breath turns and becomes an exhale. And at the bottom of the exhale there's a little pause there as well. A little bit of a lingering before the breath turns and becomes an inhale again. So noticing the space you have between your breaths and becoming very, very present with that place.

[03:24] Maybe trying to extend the space between the breaths a little bit more so without feeling like you're holding your breath or retaining it for too long. Just notice at the very top of the breath in there is that little pause. Hold it a little longer, extend the space, and then as you exhale smoothly, notice at the bottom of the breath, bottom of the exhale, there's that little pause as well. See if he can make it a little bit longer and then inhale again. So becoming very present, not just with a breath in and out, but with the space that lies between the two. There's that quiet moment of nothingness there. There's that place of total stillness, that place of in between. Bring your awareness there. Allow yourself to dwell in that space. Allow yourself to fully embrace the silence of that moment, that brief moment that happens at the top of the inhale, at the bottom of the exhale, and with practice, perhaps we can focus purely on that space in between. Just let the breath in and out. Come and go as it already is, and then really focus on that gentle little pause and then continue with the breath again. And then again comes that gentle pause to well there and then continue with the breath.

[05:07] Let's take another moment just in complete silence. Following the flow and the rhythm of the breath and allowing yourself to linger in that space of quiet in between and the next time you inhale, let’s allow that breath to become the deepest breath we've taken all day long. So fill all the way up to the top. Take a moment to linger at the very top and then open your mouth and let everything go. And go ahead and blink your eyes open. This is of course, a practice you can return to it any time of day. If you feel very calm and grounded now from this practice, perhaps take an extra five minutes just to continue tuning in, focusing on that space in between the breaths. Thank you so much for meditating with me today. Wishing you a beautiful rest of this Wednesday and I'll see you tomorrow.

[End of Episode]