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Yoga Girl Daily - June 2nd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Being of Service, Growth, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

Why is it so uncomfortable for white people to talk about race and racial issues? The truth is, we haven’t spent enough time having the hard conversations within our own families, marriages, friendships - or with ourselves.

As you reflect today, allow yourself to acknowledge the privilege you hold in the silence you have kept. Then, investigate yourself. Educate yourself. Learn and unlearn.

We will not be able to make a change in the world if we cannot first be honest with ourselves.


[00:44] Welcome to our Tune-In episode of this week. So, every single Tuesday we have a practice that allows us to contemplate something deep within ourselves that we journal on and then hopefully find a moment to share and speak on with someone in our lives as well. Today, of course, I want to give a little bit of space for each of us listening to this to have a moment to contemplate the big topic of race. Now, of course I am in no way an educator in this field. I have nothing to say about this topic that could ever teach someone something. And I urge everyone who's really looking to learn to go find Black voices who are dedicated and willing to actually share and educate on different kinds of platforms. And we can all do that, you know, mainly listening without having to expect any response from people.

[01:48] Right now, just finding the resources that are already available to us. There are so many books and courses and podcasts and accounts to follow online, literally limitless amounts of resources out there that people have taken their time to put together. So now is not the time to go pulling at people, asking them to, you know, answer all of your questions. But really for us as white people right now to do this work on our own. And I was contemplating, you know, what's something that I can kind of invite or open up to right now for this episode of the show, the specific week. I feel very uncomfortable sitting here even sharing in this way because I really wants to elevate Black voices right now and not for me to sit here talking about yet another thing.

[02:36] Now, this is the Yoga Girl Daily podcast. It’s a five minute podcast that we do every week and it just occurred to me a very simple journaling prompt that I think I can share right now that doesn't invite a lot of confusion or something that we can all literally just open up our journals and sit within this moment right now is why is it so hard for us to talk about race? We know as a collective, us white people, we haven't spent enough time having conversations about race with other people. Probably we haven't spent enough time having conversations about race within our families, in our partnerships, in our marriages, with our friends and with ourselves. The truth is, if we would have spent more time talking about this, it would automatically have meant that we would have spent more time also educating ourselves. And right now these conversations wouldn't be so challenging and they are, and I think this is a good place to start to just be right now.

[03:37] You know, what is it that has prevented me to talk about race? And if you take a moment right now without question right now, just as a very big general opening, see what comes your way. You know, and we all of course have different, different answers to this question, but maybe it's something along the lines of, you know what? I didn't know a lot of Black people growing up. I didn't have any Black friends. I lived in a very white community and you know, it wasn't something that was present in my day to day life. Maybe you weren't exposed to other cultures. That could be one answer. Perhaps you have this idea inside of yourself that actually you're color blind. You didn't have to have that conversation at all because you know, it shouldn't matter and oneness and everybody has equal value. All those things.

[04:22] You know, maybe you're able to have that idea of being colorblind because you're in a place of absolute privilege, because racism hasn't affected you. Perhaps you haven't spent enough time talking about race or spoken about race at all because it's very uncomfortable for you. Maybe you feel like you're going to say the wrong thing. You don't know what the right thing is to say. It's easier to be quiet. So taking this just as a little doorway into yourself right now, why have I not spent enough time educating myself on the big, big, big topic of race? Why haven't I spoken about this? Why haven't I investigated this? Why haven't I looked within myself? Why haven't I read the books? Why haven't I been present here prior to now? Why does it take so much pain and suffering for my eyes to finally open to this conversation?

[05:13] One of the first steps to actually doing this work within ourselves is becoming conscious with what brought us to this place. So as you journal on this today, or as you contemplate it within yourself, really be honest with yourself. Really, really be honest with yourself. And if something really uncomfortable comes up, give yourself space to actually sit with that, to not try to move around it, to not try to change the topic, to not try to go about your day and block all of this out, but really allow for that discomfort to be there so you can get really honest with yourself right now. We will not be able to help make a real change in this world if we cannot be honest with our own selves. So, let's journal on this right now. For a resource this week, I am highly recommending ‘Me and White Supremacy’ by Layla Saad, especially in terms of the actionable ways that this book and this resource offers every reader to go deep within their own journey, to really start to dismantle and unlearn some of these things.

[06:17] Every day there's a new chapter and every chapter has several journaling prompts, so I highly recommend that as a great resource to use as a beginning if you're new to this, like many of us are, and perhaps the answer to this question when you start journaling is actually you have spent a lot of time here. You have been very present there and see where that thread takes you. Just giving yourself a moment to sit with your feelings right now, to investigate, to look inside of yourself and hopefully begin to learn and unlearn. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you are safe wherever you are in the world. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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