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Yoga Girl Daily - December 31st 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

It’s New Year’s Eve! In today’s episode, we are going to set a clear and concise intention for 2020.

What is your goal for the coming year? What do you want to create? What are you longing for? What feeling do you wish to embody? What kind of year do you want to manifest?

Setting an intention, and then following the practice Rachel shares for midnight’s arrival, is the best way to bring your desires out of your heart and into the universe.


[01:00] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, everyone! I find it so amazing that New Year's Eve, 31st of December, falls on Tune-In Tuesday this year. So normally on Tune-In Tuesday we have a little bit of a self-inquiry, we contemplate on some specific theme to help bring us a little bit closer to how we're feeling here, now. Of course, today being New Year's Eve, we are going to set our intentions today. I love setting intentions for New Years. I talk about this all the time. If you listen to the big Yoga Girl Podcast, you know there is an almost two-hour episode over there on getting really clear on our intentions for 2020. For this episode right now, we're going to connect to that intention in a really simple and powerful way. The more concise and clear you can be around the intention you're setting for 2020, the easier it's going to be to manifest.

[02:04] So of course we can have a really deep, big intention. We can get intricate and detailed around specific areas of our lives. Of course, of course. But at the end of the day, I think it's very powerful to have one concise sentence to work with and then you can get more detailed around those specifics all throughout the year as much as you'd like. But finding that one clear sentence that you can almost see in your mind's eye, something very tangible. Something that when someone asks you, “Hey, what's your New Year's intention?” You can immediately speak that out loud. So since it's already December 31st hopefully you have some idea around the intentions you want to set for the new year. What is that specific goal that you know you want to reach? What is the thing you want to create or manifest or perhaps, and this is how I personally do it when I set my own intentions, what is the feeling you wish to embody next year? I think that's a really important one so that we don't get too lost in the life situations that we're in or in the material things that we want to make happen, but more than anything else, getting into the feeling that we want to embody. Let's take a moment right here, right now just to close our eyes. If you want, you can place one or both hands on top of your chest, on top of your heart, and let's take a cleansing breath here. Inhale all the way in through the nose.

[03:26] Take a moment to hold the breath at the very top and then loud and clear, open your mouth and let something go.

[03:36] Feeling your heart beating beneath the palms of your hands right there at the center of your chest and feeling into the truth of what you're actually longing for in life. And perhaps the answer to that question, what am I longing for? What am I looking for? What do I want for next year? Maybe the answer to that comes from something that you felt you were lacking in 2019. Sometimes it's the polar opposite of that big challenge, that big struggle that we faced in 2019, brings us a little bit closer to what we want to create next year. For me, 2019 was a really overwhelming year. I worked too much, felt burnt out, felt tired, felt overwhelmed. So my intention for 2020 is all around giving myself space, giving myself time to rest, time to slow down, not working too much, but enjoying those little things in life as well.

[04:32] So take a moment right now just to feel into your own heart. What do you long for? What does that feeling you wish to embody, that longing inside of your heart? What kind of year do you want to create? Let's take another moment just to feel that and beginning now to define something clearly in your mind. So a clear sentence that you can speak out loud. It can be something like, “In 2020 I will give myself space to feel into the body, to slow down and to let my heart lead the way.” Ooh, that's a good one that rings true to me. Or, “In 2020 I will cultivate self-love. I will put myself first and I will trust that I know which step to take next.” Give yourself another few moments just to really define that clear sentence. It can be long, it can be short. The more concise it is, the better. And then once you feel that truth, the power of this intention, take a moment right now to speak that out loud. Or if you want, you can just whisper it to yourself. Just embodying that intention. Give it a little bit of power, a little bit of voice. In 2020 I will… and then let's take another full breath in.

[05:55] And release. Perhaps using this podcast episode to kick start that big moment to set your intentions. Really good way to anchor into that is to journal on it, write it out, gets super, super, super clear. And then tonight, New Year's Eve, right around midnight, find a moment just to be by yourself, even if it's just stepping away from the party or the celebration or wherever you are. Giving yourself a minute to hold your hands to your heart. Breathe deeply, feel your feet grounded on the earth, and then speak this intention out loud. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. I hope you have an amazing day and amazing evening of celebrations tonight and of course wishing you a wonderful 2020. Yoga Girl Daily will be back next year, i.e. tomorrow.

[End of Episode]