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Yoga Girl Daily - March 23rd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Growth, Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

Today’s intention is centered around our trust in life.

Can you, in the midst of a struggle, take a deep breath, place a hand on your heart, and know that life is taking you where you’re meant to be?

Do you have an intimate relationship with trust, or is this concept completely new to you?

Tune in to lean into the discomfort, allow whatever is stirring in your heart, but never lose that anchor in knowing everything will be okay.


[00:35] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday, you beautiful human being, you who are listening to this right now. We are in the middle of such strange times collectively. There are so many strange things happening in the world right now. All of us are struggling at different levels. So I want to take this moment just to honor you and say thank you for listening to this podcast, for sticking with the things that fill your cup every day, for taking care of yourself. Hopefully wherever you are, you are safe and you feel held in this moment. Yoga girl daily is brought to you by H and R block.

[01:15] Feeling held is what I really want to center today's podcast around. So, Mondays of course we set our intentions for the week and I have been playing around with different intentions for us this week, but I landed on one that I feel really, I think, is going to ring true for the most people right now. We're going to center this week's intention around Trust. Trust. Just see how you feel around that word. Trust. Perhaps you have already an intimate relationship with trust, that no matter what life throws your way, whatever challenge or struggle you find yourself in the middle of, you can still connect to that feeling of, okay, I'm going to be okay at the end of this. So it doesn't mean that we bypass or that we pretend like things aren't happening in the world because very real struggles are playing out every day. It means that in the midst of that struggle, we can take a step back.

[02:08] We can take a deep breath, place our hands to our heart and remember that at the end of this we are going to be okay, that we are held in this moment, that we belong in this moment, that we are not alone in this moment. So, our intention collectively for this week is this: In moments of struggle, I lean into trust and I trust that everything is going to be okay. In moments of struggle, I lean into trust and I trust that things are going to be okay. Just that last sentence, I trust that things are going to be okay. Take a moment just to feel into this intention, just to vibrate with this intention for a moment. Trusting that everything is going to be okay, even though we don't have all the answers right now, even though we don't know exactly where this is going to take us.

[03:09] Staying anchored in that energy of trust, of faith, and perhaps you're just getting to know the idea of faith, right? You're playing around with tapping into faith, tapping into trust, see what that's like for a moment to lean into that idea that actually on that big, big, big high level that you are okay, that we are all going to be okay, that we are held, that there is some nugget of gold that each of us will find at the end of this. Finding that balance, that very important balance between honoring our struggles, holding space for our struggles, grieving our struggles, feeling angry, allowing all those feelings but never ever, ever losing that anchor of we are going to be okay. I trust that I am going to be okay. I really feel that big need for all of us to have the energy of trust take us through this week, so that we can all calm ourselves a little bit, feel our feet grounding to the earth. That trust is going to help remind us again and again to take a deeper breath, to tap into the heart, to bring our awareness back to the present moment here, now, where we trust we are going to be okay.

[04:33] Thank you so much for setting this very important, very heartfelt, and very, very, very needed intention this week. So many of us are leaning into trust this week, knowing that you are not alone. Thank you for listening to Yoga Girl Daily today. We'll be back with a self-inquiry tomorrow.

[End of Episode]