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Yoga Girl Daily - November 25th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

This week we are setting an affirmation. An affirmation is something that we tell ourselves already exists in the present moment of our lives.

Repeat to yourself: I have everything I need. Regardless of whatever struggle you may be going through, face it from a place of support rather than a place of lack.

The tools you have in this moment are enough. You are safe, held, and supported.

Allow this notion to unfold in your life and you will realize it as truth.


[00:05] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday, you guys! It's Make It Happen Monday today, which usually means that we sit down together, and we set our intentions for the week. This week I actually have something a little bit different for us in mind. This week, we are not going to work with an intention, but actually with an affirmation. For some of you that might be a new concept or maybe you're wondering what is the difference between an intention and an affirmation? So an intention is something that we intend to do, right? We set our intention for the week. We have a goal or a plan or something we're working on incorporating into our lives this week. An affirmation is something that we affirm to our self as something that's already unfolding in our lives. So it's not something that we intend to create or intend to have happen for us in the future, but we change the sentence around a little bit so you can have the same intention and then create an affirmation out of that intention.

[01:03] We change the sentence around a little bit so that the sentence begins with I, it's something that's already unfolding and it's happening present moment. So usually begins with I am or I have or something that's already here, now. So the difference between affirmations and intentions is that the affirmation, you can repeat to yourself as a mantra. And by putting yourself in the energy of already having this in your life, you're actually more likely to align yourself with having that happen for you. So I’m excited about this affirmation this week because it's something that we can work with again and again and again that you can, you know, write it on a post-it note and put it on your bathroom mirror. Remind yourself of it in your yoga practice, your meditation practice. Wake up and repeat it to yourself. So, our affirmation for this week, our affirmation for Make It Happen Monday is: I have everything I need.

[01:56] Hmm. I love it. It feels so good just to say that. I have everything I need. And take a moment as to let that settle inside of your body. I have everything I need. By repeating that, we affirm to ourselves that actually, regardless of the struggles or the challenges that we're experiencing in our lives right now, we're not lacking anything. And actually, there's nothing that we can add from the outside or try to look for or reach for that's going to make a drastic improvement in our lives. But actually, the tools that you have in this moment here, now are enough. I have everything I need. So give yourself a moment to allow that affirmation to settle. I have everything I need. It's a really simple one, but it's also one of those things that's really easy to forget, especially if you're having a hard week this week or if there's something that's going on in your life where you feel like you have to fix something or that there's something that you're totally lacking, that everyone else has abundance of, but you're having a really hard time inviting into your life.

[03:09] Whenever we move through life with that feeling of lack, that feeling of not having enough, we are going to feel an underlying sense of unease. We might even forget that we are actually very safe and held in this moment and we might actually feel very unsafe. Or like the world isn't a safe place. Like we don't have enough. So that energy of not having enough, of not being cared for, we might live our lives with that kind of energy and we might create some tension or some fear or some worry in different ways. And it might show up in different ways in our relationships, too. So affirming to ourselves that I have everything I need. And that doesn't mean that we have to be millionaires or you know, living the biggest house and that it's a material thing. But I have everything I need in the sense of I am loved, I am held, I am supported.

[04:04] I have so many tools and so many beautiful people and things in my life. I have everything I need. So to create a really balanced, blissful life, I actually don't have to look outside of myself and think of all the material things I have to somehow bring in. But in this moment, as I'm sitting here now, I have everything I need. And even if you're looking to add something to your life, doing that from that baseline that I'm okay, that I have what I need already, it's going to be much easier to manifest more abundance in your life if that's what you're looking for. Or at the very least, help us get rid of that tense energy of feeling like we're lacking all the time. So that's our affirmation for this week. It's a simple one, a really important one. I have everything I need. Tattoo that on your heart this week. Write it down somewhere repeat it for yourself every single morning and watch your world change. Thank you so much for connecting to this affirmation with me today for Make It happen Monday. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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