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Yoga Girl Daily - October 6th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Growth, Tune-In Tuesday, Healing

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About the Episode

What are you struggling with in life right now? What is weighing heavy on your heart? What hurts?

The beauty of being alive means that we get to feel our feelings - and it is usually through these feelings that we find our purpose.

We can’t avoid suffering, but we acknowledge and validate our feelings - and we can learn from them.

Tune in to hold all that is stirring within you.


[00:05] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Tuesday, and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week. Time for us to contemplate a specific topic, and as usual with our Tuesday episodes, give yourself the opportunity to use this as a journaling prompt later today. And if you get the chance to share about it with someone, so find someone to talk to, just to go a little bit deeper into this specific topic. Today I want to give us an opportunity to tune in to something that is weighing heavy on us right now. It's been a moment since we took some time to actually tune into what hurts. We've had a couple of weeks in a row talking about ways to be kind to ourselves and finding gratitude in different ways. And I think it is a really important practice that we give ourselves the space to actually tune in and figure out what it is that we are struggling with right now.

[01:03] So, I think as human beings, we are always going to have something that hurts. The beauty of being alive. I mean, and especially right now is that we get this never ending string of things that make us feel a whole lot. And we all know that the things that hurt the most, oftentimes at the end of it all also bring about a big sense of purpose. And if there's something that pain truly does, is that it reminds us that we are truly alive. Chances are there is something weighing heavy on your heart right now, something that is painful for you right now. Something difficult, something that really hurts that you are moving through in your life. It could be something on a very deeply individual personal level. It can be something, or one of the many things that we're going through on a collective level right now. But take a moment just to close your eyes the way you are and let your shoulders drop a little bit. And if you like, place a hand to your heart space and just take a deep, full breath into the palm of the hand, into the heart. And then open the mouth and let that out. And just feeling into your heart, the way your heart is in this moment, what hurts right now?

[02:25] What is something painful that you are navigating in your life today? And just see where that contemplation, where it brings you. It could be that immediately, your awareness lands on that big, painful thing that you're going through right now. You already know it's something that's playing out loudly in your life right now. And it's easy to pinpoint. Yes, actually this hurts. Perhaps it's some sort of loss that you're working through right now. It doesn't have to be the loss of a person. Of course, it can be, but loss of routine, loss of normalcy, loss of work, loss of abundance, loss of friendship. And just see where that kind of, is moving inside of you right now. And perhaps what's painful or something that hurts you right now is the state of the world. I can drop into that place easily right now, if I really feel into my heart space is that I feel an almost constant, dull throbbing pain in my heart.

[03:31] Even just, if it's just a little bit, it's not taking over my whole heart space all the time, but if I tune in, I can sense it there present, almost all the time, some pain around what we are moving through as humanity. And I would say in terms of what we're moving through right now, but actually in terms of what we are moving through as people all the time, there is so much suffering in this world. And I think now more than ever, it's evident that suffering is in our face. We can't avoid it. We can't look away. So give yourself a moment right now because it's very personal, very, very unique. What you are feeling right now, something that's hurting you or weighing heavy on your heart. And it can be something that your mind deems as small. It can be something gargantuan, something massive, something new, something old, just trust where your awareness is landing in this moment and give yourself a moment just to hold space for this pain.

[04:33] Just to go, Yeah, right now it hurts. I feel pain because… okay. And then fill in the blank of that sentence. I feel pain because… so many people are suffering right now, or I feel pain because… I don't know where to go in life. I feel pain because I'm looking for my soulmate and I haven't found them yet, or I feel pain because I feel all alone. I feel pain because… give yourself a little more space just to navigate this deep and fairly big contemplation right now. And then whatever you're experiencing in this moment, you don't have to change it. So right now, the point of this practice is to just allow, just to bring awareness to what hurts, to truly acknowledge and validate your own feeling, knowing that this pain makes sense. It's absolutely valid that you feel the way you're feeling right now. And it's okay to feel this way, whatever you're feeling right now. It's okay. And you can even stay there just like that with your hand to your heart and tell yourself out loud. It's okay for me to feel. It's okay for me to feel this pain. It's okay for me to feel. Well, let's take another deep, long breath right into that place.

[06:12] Open the mouth and let it out. And as you blink your eyes open, if you'd like to move a little bit deeper into this space today, which I really recommend, just so that you're aware of what you're moving through and then continuously validating your own experience, use this as a journaling prompt, just start a brand new page in your journal and write, I feel pain because… and just see what comes from there. Thank you so much for opening your heart with me today. I'll be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]