I Am Good Enough The Way I Am

Yoga Girl Daily - December 2nd 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

This week’s affirmation will remind you that you don’t have to change anything about yourself. You are good enough the way you are!

We live in a society that tells us to improve; to do better, look better, make more money, be more successful, be thinner, be smarter. It’s a radical idea to think that you are already enough just as you are.

But here’s the thing: by accepting ourselves completely we pave the way for growth and improvement naturally. We can’t grow from a place of fear and non-acceptance.

Only loving yourself can lead to sustainable, long-lasting growth. You have to start by changing the way you see yourself.

Grow from a place of already feeling whole!