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Yoga Girl Daily - November 2nd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting, Being of Service

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About the Episode

Being of service to your community often seems like a really big, impossible feat. How can a single person make a difference? Actually, you have the power to impact others’ lives every moment of the day!

It may seem like everyone has it together, but we could all use a little help sometimes.

In today’s intention setting episode, Rachel shares beautiful and easy ways you can get out there and commit to making a difference this week.

Tune in to connect with your community the way you’ve been longing.


[00:04] Welcome back to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Monday, happy brand-new week. I hope you've had an amazing weekend and that you're ready for the week ahead. We are about to set a real, big strong intention for the week right now. So, I want you to take a breath, anchor into the body, and get ready. This week we are setting the intention to make a change in our community. And this might sound like a really big thing. It's actually not. We have this idea often that making a change or being of service or making a difference for people in need, like we are just one single person so how could we possibly ever make an impact? You know, like it requires some superhuman feet or some massive, you know, resource or tons of money. And actually you as a single human being, have the ability to change someone else's life. Now, if you are currently residing in the US, you know that you have the single best opportunity to make a change in your community and in your country right now, by voting tomorrow, if you haven't already voted.

[01:14] So if you're in the US, making it your intention this week, of course, to get out there and vote, voting against injustice, voting against racism, voting for an equitable world. You can do that right now and make it your intention and your cause to get everyone you know in your community, in your family, your friends, your coworkers, to get out there and do the same. If you're not in the US, finding a way to be of service in your community today and all throughout the week. This can happen with tiny little actions that you decide to take all throughout the day. Little ways to be of service, random acts of kindness. My way, usually when I really anchor into service on a particular week is that I just look around and I start asking people if they need help with something. That on its own is such a simple and powerful thing to do.

[02:04] Oftentimes, you know, we have this idea that everyone has everything together. And especially the people that are close to us in our lives. Everyone looks like they have everything under control. When actually the moment you ask someone, Hey, can I help you in any way this week? The answer more often than not is well, now that I think about it, yes, I do need help with something. You know, do you have a single mom in your community, in your friendship, in your circle right now, a hundred percent that mom needs a break. Just trust me on that, a hundred percent, any day of the week, you asking them to be of service to them or to help them out is going to be welcomed with open arms. Do you have any seniors in your community right now? Do you have any women's shelters? Are there schools, are there community centers?

[02:48] Are there any projects that are currently happening that are actually dedicated to making a positive impact in the community? The moment you look around you'll find that yes, actually there is, there are people out there right now who have dedicated their lives to being of service. And trust me, when I say these people and these organizations, these projects, these centers, they need help all the time. So, don't wait for people to ask you for help, right? Get out there and ask them if there is something you can do for them today. So, we're going to have an impactful week. You're going to look around and really have that mindset all throughout the week, how can I make an impact in my community? And if there's an election going on in your country right now, you get out there and you vote. Promise me. This is our virtual from afar, pinky promise happening right now that you are voting today, tomorrow, this week.

[03:39] Whenever the election happens in your country, that you get out there and vote. Just reminding yourself of the fact that you actually do matter. Your vote makes a huge difference and your actions throughout the day and throughout the week can make a massive impact in other people's lives. I hope you feel inspired, fired up, ready to get out there and be of service in whichever way is possible to you this week. And just remembering that whenever you are making an impact in this world, the universe listens to that. So, when we do good things for the world, good things come back to us. It's only a win-win to be of service, and it's going to make you feel connected to your community in a way that maybe you've been longing for all year long. Thank you so much for voting. Thank you so much for making an impact. Thank you so much for setting this important intention. We need it more than ever. Have an amazing week of making a change in your community. Thank you so much for listening. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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