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Yoga Girl Daily - July 10th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Feel-Good Friday, Self-Love

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About the Episode

You may be really excited for this week’s self-care practice, or you may find it extremely difficult.

Today we are taking our adult hat off and channeling our inner child. We are going to play!

When was the last time you played just for the sake of playing - and not to accomplish anything?

Tune in as Rachel shares how to cultivate joy through the act of playing, and then get out there and have some fun!


[00:05] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Friday, and welcome to our feel-good practice of the week. Today, I have a practice in mind that some of you might feel absolutely totally familiar with and some of you might not. I absolutely fall in the ‘not’ category to this, which is why this is an extra important practice, I think for me in particular. Today, and this weekend, I want you to play. And even just saying those words makes me giggle a little bit, because it's one of those things that it should be natural for us to just kick our feet up and just go play and have some fun. But I think as adults, we are so conditioned to believe that everything we do has to have some sort of produced outcome, right? And I find myself, when I'm playing with my daughter, I have a three-year-old.

[00:56] So she of course embodies play in everything she does all day long. And if I'm not present enough with her, even in our moments of just genuine play, I find my adult mind sometimes steers the play toward education or toward learning. Like the other day we were painting, having so much fun, and then before I knew it, I'm there teaching her how to write new letters that she doesn't know how to write yet. And then suddenly we're not playing anymore, but we're learning. And there's something about childlike play that is so, so, so valuable, so important for each of us, especially in these times where things do feel quite serious, you know, not just on a global level and on the level of our society, but within ourselves as well. So, for our feel-good good practice today, and this weekend, we're going to play! Take a moment right now just to contemplate - how can you invite play into your life today?

[01:48] What is something you can do? Something you can practice, a person you can invite into that moment just to have fun, just to really get a little bit silly, maybe channel your own inner toddler, your own inner child, and give yourself a moment just to think about what actually brings me joy that doesn't have an outcome where I have produced or created something? Because that's something I've also realized that the things that bring me a lot of joy, like baking and cooking, I actually enjoy them because I have an outcome that I can present as something useful at the end of that. Like baking bread, I can present my loaf of bread, right? And then we eat and enjoy that. What I want us to do today is play just for the sake of play. So, without having created anything on the other end of that, getting that adult mindset completely put aside, channeling your inner child and play just for play’s sake.

[02:49] If you are a parent and if you have a child at home, this is going to be an advantage for sure. So can you give yourself half an hour with your kids today to just let them lead way, right. To just let them show you what play is like without directing or shifting or telling them what to do, just following their lead. If you don't have a kid at home, can you find another person's kid to play with? Because I really think kids are such natural leaders when it comes to teaching us how to play. Or what are some things that you can engage with or actively do that you don't just bring you joy, right? Can you turn on a really amazing playlist and just the dance, but for fun, right? And get really silly with it and play, or maybe even act out different animals’ shapes and noises and do things that are a little bit unconventional that might look weird or strange to other people. Let yourself go to that place of silliness, right?

[03:42] Or what is something that you used to really enjoy in terms of play when you were younger, when you were a kid, can you mimic that or recreate that right now? I know a game I used to love to play when I was little was, I would go into the forest and I would collect different kinds of little rocks and pieces of barks and sticks. And then I would find a big boulder to climb up on and I would engage and interact and little plays, a little things with whatever it was I collected all my little forage hunt. So just doing that, like the thought of that, of me going out into nature with that mindset of play of collecting rocks and sticks, and then thinking about creative ways to actually play with those, it almost makes me giggle a little bit because it sounds so silly, but what's silly is how disconnected I've become from that childlike sense of joy.

[04:31] Just having fun for fund's sake. So today let yourself get a little silly. See if you can take your adult hat off and put your kid hat on and just go out and play, whether that involves music or painting or nature or moving your body somehow. Or if you have kids just playing with your kids, have some fun today, especially if you're having a hard time right now, if you feel weighed down by something heavy, we need more play, more fun in our lives. So I hope this topic and this theme for the day really brings you some joy, not just today, but all weekend long. Thank you so much for playing with me wherever you are in the world. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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