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Yoga Girl Daily - May 11th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

Often, the pathway to mental clarity is through clearing out your physical space.

This week’s intention focuses on organizing your home life, your work life, and whatever else you need to create order in your outer world. It will leave you feeling spacious and light on the inside, too.

Tune in to begin.


[00:05] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday, you guys! It's the first day of a brand new week. It's time for us to set our intention, all of us together, so we can create something really special for this week ahead. I have a topic in mind that is something that's going to help us connect our outer world with our inner space a little bit. I feel like we are on the cusp of a lot of change right now. I mean, in the world around us, also, of course in our inner space. And I have felt this huge need lately to keep all of my affairs in order and that goes for every area of my life. I've had this huge need to keep my house really tidy and organized. At the same time I've been kind of on my computer and clearing out my inbox, checking in to see if there are any of those nagging tasks that I've been putting off or anything on my to-do list that feels messy.

[01:00] I felt this big need to just have clarity and peace of mind and a really great highway or pathway straight to clarity is to organize our lives in a really good way. So that's exactly what I want us to focus on this week. Any part of your life right now that feels a little bit messy, any part of your life that doesn't feel clear, where you feel like maybe you have procrastinated for a while or perhaps you have this big problem that you're trying to figure out. We're going to do what needs to get done this week so that we can feel and experience a sense of order in our lives. We all need it. Especially now. I think so many of us are kind of in this big picture space of, what is going to happen after this pandemic is over? When this lockdown ends, are we going to find some sort of normal, what will my business look like?

[01:51] What will my social interactions look like? What's my daily schedule, my daily life going to be when we emerge from whatever this is? And a really good time to make sure that we can actually get back out into the world when that day comes ready to take on the world is to make sure that we feel organized and that we have that sense of order in every area of our lives. And that includes your house. Actually, our houses are really great representation and manifestation of how we feel inside. So if you are surrounded by clutter right now, if there's a lot of messes and different parts of your house right now is a great time to tackle those things, to get organized, just to help you clear out some of that mental space. The outer world represents the inner world and the other way around. So starting by those things that you can actually do today is going to help you also clear out those more challenging parts of your life.

[02:45] Perhaps you feel really unsure right now or maybe disorganized around your work life. A lot of us do just because we've had so many unknowns. This week I want you to start making a plan and get organized in terms of what are the things that you need to get done? Where is that direction that you want to move in toward right now? Where do you need help? Right? Where are you abundant? Where are you lacking? Let's take this week to absolutely organize ourselves in every possible way. So our clear intention that we're all sitting together is this: This week I will get organized so I can stay clear and focused. This week I will get organized so I can stay clear and focused. How about right now? Immediately following this podcast episode, pick up your journal and a pen and just sit down and start thinking about the areas of your life that you know are messy right now.

[03:39] Perhaps your house is super organized and clean in every single way, but you're in some really messy relationships right now or perhaps it is your business or your work life. When I think about this for myself, I have this big need to have order and organization in my home life because I know I'm going to need some peace of mind in that area so I can tackle the next big step in my life right now, which is our local business here, our studio. We are hoping we'll be able to be open soon and we have so many question marks, so many things we have to figure out. We have no idea how to go about this with our employees and this whole new structure. So for me, creating some order around my home life is going to help me feel calm so that I can start getting organized in this more challenging area of my life, which is my working life right now. So what rings true to you? Let's get really clear on where in our lives we have felt a little bit messy, what needs to get done and let's get ordered and organized so we can reap the benefits of just feeling clear, focused and calm all through the week.

[04:40] Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. I feel like this is a really good week of both action and peace. Hopefully by organizing ourselves we can also really connect to that place of inner stillness and calm. Thank you so much for listening. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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