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Yoga Girl Daily - May 21st 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Thankful Thursday, Gratitude, Food

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About the Episode

If you come out of this quarantine with a few extra pounds, remember that you are one of the lucky ones.

Having food on your table is such a blessing, especially right now. Today’s gratitude practice will help you take specific action to give thanks to the food that sustains you every day.

Tune in to learn how to be present with your food, from the moment you begin preparing it to when you are savoring the last bite.

Infusing an energy of gratitude into your meal times makes all the difference.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Thursday and welcome to our gratitude practice of the week! I am really excited about the gratitude practice we're going to immerse ourselves in today because this practice extends beyond the space of this podcast episode, so it’s actually going to come along with a moment of true action and I love, I love, I love podcasts that give me something to practice, right, in real life. Today we are directing our gratitude toward the food that's sustains us every day. We're going to be giving some thanks and being grateful today is all about the food that's on your plate, and this is a funny thing for me because oftentimes I have moments in my day to day where whenever I sit down to enjoy a meal, especially if there's been some time, some energy, some love spent for me cooking and preparing that meal, where I naturally hold my hands over my plate and I take a moment and I close my eyes and I just silently say thank you.

[01:12] It's almost like a moment of just blessing the food. You know, one of those moments of true gratitude. I love the old practice of saying grace, of having a moment together to connect before digging into a meal. And food really is something that's easy to take for granted, right? We go through phases, at least I go through phases of, sometimes I cook a ton, I bake a ton, I get so immersed in the food that I'm preparing and then I'll have weeks where I just get a little bored or I feel a little out of touch, or maybe I'm ordering more takeout than I'm cooking my own food. Or you know, everyone has different relationships to the food that we eat. So for some of us, this relationship is very complicated, right? Especially if you've had a history of any kind of eating disorder or struggled with food.

[01:55] It's a really good practice to take a moment to be present with the food that we eat before we eat it, right? To not mindlessly shovel down whatever it is we're eating, you know, just as a way to sustain ourselves. But just take a moment to appreciate, Hey, having food on the table is a privilege, especially right now. Right? And if you're eating delicious food, if you have the time and the space to cook your own food and you enjoy that process, wow, what a beautiful moment to have that experience every single day. So today, taking the day, so depending on when you're listening to this, whatever meals you have left in your day, and if you're listening to this in the morning and you have a whole day of eating ahead, wonderful. Perhaps you're listening to this and it's before dinner time. Whatever meals you have ahead of you today, I want you to bring some extra gratitude to your food.

[02:47] So making this into a practice, if you're cooking your own food today, having that gratitude practice be a part of the preparation of the meal. So say you're chopping vegetables, right? Make the words thank you into mantra. Before you chop your vegetables, take a moment to just hold the vegetables in your hands. Look at them. Be amazed. If you get really close and intimate with vegetables, wow, there's so much beauty. I mean holding a head of broccoli. It's kind of trippy how these vegetables come together from just a seed, right? Sprouting in the ground becoming what they become in the end. So, take a moment to bring some gratitude and to really be mindful with your preparation of food. And as you're chopping your veggies, you know, with every chop of the knife. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. As you're stirring the pot, bring some thank you, some gratitude and really feel how you actually have the ability to infuse the food you cook with a special kind of energy.

[03:44] And then of course, when it's time to eat your food, before you dig in, take a moment to just look at your plate. Hold your hands over your meal, close your eyes, breathe it in, and then repeat out loud. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm so grateful for the food I have on my plate right now. Thank you. And then as you're enjoying your meal, see if you can come back to really appreciating each bite. So just slowing down that process of preparing and eating our food today. And really getting to the heart of the fact that having three meals a day and snacks, maybe, you know, it's quarantine time. A lot of us are eating more than we normally do. It's a huge blessing. I saw a beautiful share the other day, now I cannot remember who it was, who it was from, but that said, if you come out on the other end of this pandemic with a few extra pounds, you're one of the lucky ones, right? How beautiful is that? And so absolutely true. @thebirdspapaya, I don't know her name, but that's just hit me. She shared that the other day. So beautiful. If we come out on the other end of this pandemic with a few extra pounds on our bodies, we are the lucky ones. What a big thing to remember. So extra gratitude toward the food that you eat today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for practicing gratitude with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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