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Yoga Girl Daily - March 5th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Gratitude, Lifestyle, Thankful Thursday

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About the Episode

Your day is full of regular, mundane habits such as brushing your teeth, washing your hands, getting dressed, or preparing your next meal. With all these routine moments comes the perfect opportunity to infuse them with gratitude!

You are so lucky to have access to clean water, clothes to keep you warm and dry, and food to nourish and sustain you.

Tune in to find the sacred and purposeful moments that make up your life.


[00:39] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Thursday! I am so happy to share a gratitude practice with you today. Gratitude, practicing gratitude and finding ways to put gratitude in action really is such a life changing practice. I know you feel it. That's why you're here listening every day, every week. Today I have something particular in mind that we'll actually be able to incorporate into our day today. So I want to pick an action that you take several times in a day. So, something that happens quite often, maybe something that's part of your habits, something that's part of your daily routine, something that recurs in your every day, and you're going to pick that action and make it 100% infused with gratitude. And this is something that you can do just for a day, for today's gratitude practice if you want. If you can anchor into it and have it be part of your daily practice.

[01:42] I mean, every day… it's a game changer, I promise you. So examples of a routine or a habit that you can pick. It could be something like brushing your teeth. You know, we all do that at least twice a day. Perhaps you pick every time you go to the bathroom. Maybe every time you wash your hands, whenever you have a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, every meal you eat. Something that recurs in your day to day life. It could also be every time you open your computer. If you know you do that a couple times a day, something that you routinely do, especially something that reoccurs in your day. And then every moment for whatever you pick. So you pick every time you wash your hands today, whenever you come across that habit in your day, whenever it's time for you to go wash your hands for whatever reason, using this mundane practice, this everyday kind of regular routine, mundane practice that normally we just do mindlessly without thinking too much about it.

[02:38] Using this moment in your day to practice gratitude. So that means you get up to go wash your hands and then you remind yourself of ah, okay, washing my hands. That's my gratitude moment. So from the moment that you turn on the faucet, you grab your soap, you wash your hands, get really present with your breath and repeat silently to yourself the mantra of, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. See if you can really slow that down. And for as long as it takes you to wash your hands, all of the steps of that, rinsing your hands, drying your hands off, you get totally present. So it becomes almost like meditation in action and you just repeat the mantra of, thank you. You can do it in your own language of course. And I do it in Swedish often, we say tack, tack, tack. That resonates with me almost on a different vibrational level than thank you.

[03:33] Say gracias, danki, spasibo, whatever language is yours, just repeating that to yourself. And so if this is a very short routine that you have, or a short habit like washing your hands, it takes what, 20-30 seconds, that means that every time that you wash your hands that day. So you do that a couple of times in a day. It really is an opportunity to shift your mindset from not being totally present, just going through the motions and letting that moment become sacred. So finding the sacred moments of gratitude in your regular mundane day to day life. I like to pick practices or parts of my habits that I don't normally enjoy a lot. One of those things is I really don't enjoy flossing. Flossing for me is just a total bore, but when I infuse flossing with my gratitude practice, suddenly it becomes more than just something I have to do because my dentist tells me I have to do it and it becomes a moment, an opportunity for me to be grateful and opportunity for me to shift my perspective, to bring awareness to my body.

[04:35] And at the end of it, having spent those minutes just really focusing on that gratitude, getting totally present with the vibration of the thank you, it becomes sacred, right? And suddenly flossing isn't a bore anymore, but it becomes this purposeful moment in my life. So you pick something that resonates with you. I really like washing your hands because it's something we do more than just once or twice in a day. Every time you go to the bathroom is a great moment to do that. Just getting totally present and repeating that mantra to yourself. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you really enjoy this practice. Whatever you pick, it will infuse some gratitude, some joy, some love into your day today. Thank you so much for listening and for practicing with me. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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