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Yoga Girl Daily - April 8th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

Our meditation practice may look the same everyday on the outside, but on the inside our emotions can range from stormy to fiery to peaceful all in the span of a few moments.

What is happening in your inner world today?

Becoming present with your feelings can teach you a lot about who you are. There is a moment of silence at the top and bottom of every inhale and exhale, and that is where you will find yourself.

Tune in to dive deep.


[00:32] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday! It is hump day today. I am currently on day 24, I think, I'm beginning to lose track of time. I'm on day 24 of self-isolation, which sort of feels like every day is Groundhog Day. It's like I'm waking up in that same place every day and what I've found actually helps anchor me and actually helps to bring about some sort of different feeling every day is my meditation practice. Even though it looks the same every day: I find a space to sit down, close my eyes and breathe. What I recognize is that my inner world is changing so much every day. Some days it feels like a storm is brewing inside that's just spilling over. Some days it's like there's a calm quiet lake within me. So, having that practice of just sitting down to be present actually teaches me a lot about who I am and gives me a sense of meaning in my day. So, I am excited for us to take a moment right now just to close the eyes and breathe. So immediately the moment you close the eyes, the moment you find that comfortable place to sit, see if there's something you can put down just right off the bat.

[02:08] Look for any kind of holding on that might be taking place physically in your body right now. If there is a holding of tension somewhere in the body. And then give yourself permission to put that down, to let go. And then on an energetic level as well. Just take a moment to check in, is there any kind of energetic hold happening in or around you right now? Permission to soften that grip. Permission to take a deep breath in and on the exhale to let something go. And then bringing our awareness to our emotional body, our heart, our feelings. Noticing if there is anything that feels tense or tight or overwhelming right now. Give yourself full permission to feel whatever is showing up as truth for you right now. So you don't have to hold anything back. You don't have to hold on to anything. Simply allowing yourself to soften into what this moment has brought you, to let go a little bit or maybe a lot. And then whatever is unfolding in this now taking a deep breath into that place. Open the mouth and let go.

[03:55] Looking for a moment of silence right now. It can be very brief; it can be that very quiet place right between the turnings of the breath. If you notice at the top of your inhale, there is a moment of quiet there. The bottom of the exhale, same thing. There was a little pause, a little silence. But looking deep within yourself right now for silence. And if any thoughts pop up, just bring your awareness back to that quiet place. Back to the breath, back to the body, back to the heart, and staying right here as you are in this moment. There's no place else you have to be, but right here. There is no better time than right now. Taking a deep breath all the way into that quiet place and softly let it go.

[05:20] If you're sensing a bit more calm inside of your heart in this moment, or if you are able to tap into that quiet place, feel free to stay right here a little while longer, just lingering in this space. Just breathing, just feeling, just being. Thank you so much for this practice. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]