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Yoga Girl Daily - November 18th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

We are diving deep into our heart space today.

This meditation practice will allow you to breath new awareness into your chest and really answer the question - how is your heart doing?

However you may be feeling, if you give it room to grow, if you don’t rush through it or minimize it, any resistance you felt will dissolve away and you can begin toward the path of acceptance, healing and peace.

Tune in to feel.


[00:04] Welcome back to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday, happy hump day, and welcome to our meditation practice of this week! We are going to dive right into our hearts today. So, finding a comfortable seat wherever you are just so you can close your eyes. And we are going to begin our practice today by placing one or both hands on top of our heart center. So, right on top of the center of the chest. Physically, you know, your heart sits a little bit to the left, but energetically and emotionally, your heart sits at the very center of the chest. So, let your hand linger right there. And then let your next breath in deepen. And if you like, you can imagine as if you're breathing into the palm of your hand right now, as if every breath in allows you to expand the space around your heart.

[01:01] And as you're breathing out, you can breathe out from that same place, softening the heart with every exhale. And take a few breaths, just like that. Inhale, breathing into the heart, exhale, breathing out from the heart. Finding your own rhythm just like that. So, we want the breath to be deep and expansive, but not for it to feel as if you're having to manipulate the breath. So, let it stay as natural as you can, so there's still comfort and ease in the body. And as you continue breathing in this way, bringing your awareness to that same place as the breath. So, letting your focus linger right beneath the palm of the hand. How is your heart today? How is your heart today? How is your heart doing right now? What is your heart holding right now? Does your heart feel heavy or light right now?

[02:17] Is there a sense of ease or is there a sense of struggle or stress happening there right now? Without any kind of judgment or particular expectation just bring your awareness to the center of your own heart space and really look within. How is my heart doing really? What is my heart holding right now? And then let every breath you take be directed into that place, just with that intention of allowing for more space to be created in the feeling that you're experiencing from the heart space, meaning whatever feeling is there, it actually has a little more room to grow. So, instead of approaching our feeling heart as something that we want to rush or minimize or wanting certain feelings to go away just for a few minutes right now, taking those deep breaths and allowing the heart to expand. Allowing those feelings, allowing that experience to expand along with it. Meaning if right now, you're feeling ease. You're feeling comfortable, you're feeling at peace. Well, then letting that peace take up more space. If right now you're feeling sad, you're feeling low. Well then letting that sadness take up more space.

[03:55] Imagining with these heart-centered breaths right now that every breath you take, you're just giving your heart a little more room to be the way it already is. You're giving yourself a little more room to be the way you already are. So, instead of minimizing your experience, instead of playing small, instead of bypassing what you're feeling or escaping, really giving yourself space to be. Space to feel, space to allow this moment to be what it already is without having to fix anything at all. What a beautiful thing to acknowledge just that right now, there is nothing to fix, nothing to change. Nothing you could possibly improve about your own heart.

[05:00] But it's just the way it is right now. Beating, feeling, breathing, holding everything it's holding. And what if in this moment you could let your heart soften a little bit more? If there is any kind of holding on happening around the heart or any kind of resistance to this moment, just putting some of that down, just really letting your heart be. And whatever emotion really arises the moment you soften your heart space, give that a little more room to grow, too. Knowing our emotional space is ever changing. It's never just one thing. It can be many things at once and we can go from high to low, back to high and then back down to low again. And that's just the way it's supposed to be. That what you're feeling right now is just the way you're supposed to feel. So, let's take a deep heart-centered breath in, and out. Now feel free to linger in this space with your hand to your heart, exactly the way you already are for a little while longer. Just giving yourself some more time to process and to be right here. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]