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Yoga Girl Daily - June 9th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Lifestyle, Self-Love

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About the Episode

Ask yourself how you are genuinely doing right now. What do you need?

As we continue to fight for justice everywhere, don’t forget that we need to take care of ourselves along the way. With all work comes the need for rest. Part of activism is sourcing your strength and mustering all your resiliency to keep going.

Showing up for the world can be exhausting - but this is how the Black community feels all the time, and this work needs to be done.


[00:38] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week. So every single Tuesday, I give you guys a topic. We all sit down and contemplate and self-reflect around a specific topic. And before I share what we're going to contemplate today, I want to just remind you that this is really just the kickstart of this practice and where you'll find some true eye opening, maybe heart opening, revelations is doing this work after this podcast. So, take this topic today, sit down and journal on it and then talk about it with someone, with a friend, with someone in your family. Journaling and sharing really is how we go to the next level of self-reflection.

[01:29] I sat down and I was really going between different topics for today. I feel like there are so many things I want us to talk about. There are so many things I want us all to self-reflect on and I came back to something just very basic, very fundamental. And I'm a little worried actually right now, just looking out at the state of the world. I know there are so many people suffering right now in so many different ways, especially with just the heightened urgency of what's happening in this world. These huge, big, important conversation around racism and it's of course triggering so much suffering in people everywhere. And we just came out of, or haven't even really gotten out of a global pandemic. So there's a lot for us to process right now, right? There's a lot of work to be done. A lot of action we need to take. And I don't want us to forget about taking care of ourselves along the way. This is so, so, so important. So today for our self-reflection, I want to take a moment just to check in. How are you doing right now?

[02:38] Just me asking that I'm like, I feel like I felt like it was a moment ago I asked myself that, you know. Especially if you are fighting for a cause right now, if you're out there in the streets protesting, if you are, you know, a member of the Black community right now watching this injustice happen to your brothers and sisters every day, it is exhausting being a human being in this world right now, and particularly exhausting for the Black community. So, wherever you are, whoever you are, I think we all need a moment just to let ourselves sink into this place of presence within ourselves, just to check in. How are you doing right now? Maybe even going one step further to check in with what do you need, right? So if you're out there fighting for justice, what do you need to keep going? We need breaks in between. We need moments of rest in between. We need to nourish ourselves, take care of ourselves, support our hearts, our souls, our bodies, right? Perhaps what you need is something different. Maybe you need some energy right now. You want to, you know, show up in a bigger way, but you feel like something's lacking there. So without judgment right now, just sinking into your own space, feeling into your own body, asking yourself this question, how am I doing right now?

[04:15] And then if you'd like, what do I need right now? Meaning what do I need to feel grounded in this moment? What do I need to source more strength in this moment? What do I need to really find that resilience within, in this moment? What do I need to keep going, right? Now just because of some, a little while has passed since the beginning of this movement doesn't mean that we stop, right? Doesn't mean that we allow for this to just become a trend. And then we go about with our day to day lives as if nothing has happened. No. So perhaps now what we need is a moment to regroup, to take care of ourselves, gather our strength so we can get right back out there and fight this good, important fight. So give yourself some space today. If I were you, I would immediately following this podcast.

[05:07] You don't even need a journal and a pen. You can do this on your notes app on your phone to take a moment to just write, how am I doing? How am I really doing? How am I really feeling about everything happening in the world right now? And take that as deep as you can, right? No one's going to read it. You don't have to show it to anybody just within your own space. How am I doing? And if at the end of that, you want to ask yourself, what do I need, right? What do I need to keep going to gather that strength right now to really show up for the world? What do I need? Let's take a deep breath right into this place. Open the mouth, exhale.

[05:56] I hope you take good care of yourself this week. Thank you for tuning in with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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