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Yoga Girl Daily - September 11th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

Wednesdays mean wellbeing and coming back to our meditation practice.

Take five undisturbed moments for yourself to close the eyes. Feel what’s moving inside of you. Connect to the ground beneath you.

Use your breath as a doorway to the present moment and see what it feels like to be here, now.


[00:41] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday, you beautiful human being, you! It's Wednesday today, hump day, we are halfway through the week and of course over here at Yoga Girl Daily, Wednesdays mean Wellbeing Wednesdays and today is the day we meditate. So let's begin by making sure that you have a really comfortable place to be. So a place where you're undisturbed without distractions, where you can sit down and really close your eyes to take these five minutes to yourself to tune in and connect. So wherever you choose to sit, let's take a moment just to close the eyes and we can open this practice with a cleansing breath just to release anything stagnant that we might have lingering within the body. So full, full breath in through the nose… at the top of the breath take a moment to pause, holding the breath in, and then open the mouth, exhale to release.

[01:45] Ahhhh. Then using this breath as a doorway into the present moment, so feeling what it feels like to be here and now. Beginning to follow the breath, you can begin with a breath in through the nose. Noticing those subtle shifts and changes that happen within the body as you breathe in. And then following that breath out the same way. Becoming very present and aware of the workings of the breath and noticing where the breath is traveling to. If it has a certain direction in the body, if you can sense where the breath lingers at the very top of the inhale. And if you can notice where the breath is moving from as you begin the exhale.

[02:39] And then cycle by cycle, just letting the breath be your anchor into the present moment, a little from there feeling into the body. Let's go ahead and connect to the parts of the body that are physically connected to the ground beneath you right now. So whether you're sitting in your car or in a chair, on the couch, on the floor, just feeling that physical connection that you have to the earth beneath you and see if there's something you can do here to increase that connection a little bit. So feeling that sense of rootedness of groundedness toward the floor, towards your seat. And once you have that connection there, we'll go ahead and just grow a little bit taller, helping us create some more space for the spine, allowing the center point of the crown of the head to lift you up, up, up toward the heavens above. So giving yourself a little more space to breathe here, a little more space to be. And then noticing now, the sensations within the body. What's happening in your physical body right here, right now?

[03:53] Can you sense the temperature of the body? Are you feeling warm or cold or just perfect? Do you have an area of the body where you sense a little more energy than other areas? Perhaps a little bit of a tingling sensation somewhere or you can sense your awareness drawn to one part of the body. Noticing that and then following that. Just staying very present with that feeling of being right here. Well perhaps you're feeling a little bit disconnected or sensing a little bit of numbness or something in the body. That's okay, too. Just try to just be present with whatever is here. Without judging anything as good nor bad. Then becoming so quiet in this moment, focusing on the flow of the breath, focusing on the sensations within the body, and if you become quiet enough, perhaps you can even hear the sound of your heart and how it's beating inside of your chest. And just feeling that for a moment, listening to the sound of your own heartbeat and with it experiencing that feeling of being very much alive in this moment. Let's take another deep, full breath in.

[05:22] At the top of the breath, take a moment to pause, holding the breath in, and then open the mouth. Exhale, let it go.

[05:32] Ahhhhh. As you very gently begin to blink the eyes back open and take a moment just to orient yourself back in the room. You can place the hands to your heart and take this final moment of this practice to appreciate your ability to drop in, to be present in this moment, to fully experience everything that life has brought your way.

[06:01] Thank you so much for practicing with me today. I'll see you tomorrow.

[End of Episode]