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Yoga Girl Daily - September 10th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Gratitude, Thankful Thursday

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About the Episode

Gratitude is easy to find when things are going well for us, but it is harder to find in the mundane moments of our lives.

However, the truth is - the majority of our lives are spent in mundane moments!

Don’t wait for extraordinary things to come your way to be thankful. Tune in to anchor into a moment of gratitude for exactly what is here, now.


[01:14] Welcome back to Yoga Girl Daily, everyone! Happy Thursday. Welcome to our Thankful Thursday of the week. Time to anchor into a moment of gratitude. Today I would love to take a moment just to extend some gratitude for where we are right now, meaning this moment. So, wherever you're listening to this podcast from, whatever's going on around you, whatever's happening in your life situation right now, however you're feeling in your body, literally this exact moment. Gratitude, it's one of those things that it's easy to practice when things are going our way, right? When we're feeling good in our body, when we feel like we are in a state of flow, when we acknowledge the blessings that we have, and when we feel like we're really blessed, and sometimes it's a little bit more challenging to anchor into in the mundane, in the day to day when we're just going through the motions, because of course the majority of her lives, it's those basic day to day things that we do that we don't think too much about, right?

[02:26] So, going to the grocery store or sitting in traffic or picking up our kids from preschool or, you know, sitting behind your computer, doing work, whatever your day to day is, right? So, I wanted to take an opportunity today to experiment a little bit, just knowing that we are all tuning into this podcast in totally different parts of the world, in different moments, right? So, you might be at home on the couch, listening to this right now, having a cup of tea, enjoying a beautiful moment. You might be sitting in traffic, right? Commuting to get home from work. Maybe you're out on a walk somewhere. Maybe you're having a stressful day. Maybe you're not feeling good. Maybe you're feeling great. So, trusting that wherever you are at in this moment, that a gratitude practice here now, as you are, is exactly what you need.

[03:17] So, to not wait for the extraordinary things to come our way before we practice gratitude. So, take a moment right now just to acknowledge what's going on around you. So, beginning with that. In this moment, if you just look around a little bit, take a moment to take in your environment, where you are, what can you see with your eyes right now? What's happening around you? What's unfolding around you in this moment? What can you see? So, whether you're indoors or outside or in a car or somewhere else, what can you see right now? Can you take a moment to anchor into some gratitude for something beautiful that you can actually lay eyes on in this moment? Even if you are in a place where you can't connect to traditional beauty, right? If you really look for it, what's actually beautiful right now? So for me, the first thing I notice here now, just speaking these words, as I look out the window, I see the sky, right?

[04:19] Chances are wherever you are right now, you can also look out a window or look up and see the sky. And the sky right now, the way it's looking for me, it's, it's not extraordinary, right? I see a lot of clouds and a bird flying by and what a blessing to be able to actually see the sky from this window right now, what a blessing to be alive and have the opportunity to look up, right? To have that mobility in my body, to have eyes to see, right? The fact that I can actually sit here and see the sky outside, that in itself is something to be grateful for that I have eyes to see. So, take a moment just wherever you are to connect to something beautiful. And then we're going to take this one step just a little bit deeper anchoring into your body right now.

[05:16] Just take a moment to acknowledge your body in this moment, noticing your breath, noticing what it feels like to experience life from this body. And now whether or not you're feeling good in your body right now, or if you've been ill, if you've had some pain, if you're feeling tired, whatever is happening in your body in this moment, find something to be grateful for. So, see where your awareness brings you right away. For me, I immediately gravitate toward my legs just speaking those words. I went for a swim this morning with flippers on, and I can just feel some tiredness in my legs, from having worked my legs this morning. So, take a moment to notice for yourself where your awareness lands, if it's a special body part, or maybe a function of the body right now, and just bring some gratitude to the fact that you have this body to experience life from. Acknowledge what this body part does for you every day.

[06:19] So for me, these legs, these strong legs that carry me wherever I need to go, that allow me to actually move through this life. What a blessing, right? What a blessing to have legs to walk this earth. And then finally bringing awareness right now to your life situation, to where you are in life right now, to where life has brought you. Whether you're going through something challenging or not. If you're having a great week or a hard one, finding something to be grateful for in terms of your life situation, so just see where your awareness lands. For me right away, my awareness just dropped into my relationship with my husband. I'm so grateful I have him, who holds my hand all throughout the hardest times and the most beautiful days. The fact that I have him, you know, is such a blessing.

[07:18] Take a moment to see where your awareness lands right now, something that is unfolding, something you have in your life right now, something around your life situation today that you have to be grateful for. It could be an experience. It could be a relationship, could be a place. Find something that really rings true to you and then just sends that gratitude. What a blessing. And then taking this moment right now to hold all of this at once. So, what you can see around you in this moment, what you can feel in your body in this moment and where life has brought you in this moment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You can repeat that out loud a couple times and just feeling that vibration inside of you, elevating with every thank you that leaves your lips. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you're able to ride a little bit of a wave of gratitude all throughout the day. And if you encounter a difficult moment, remember you can just come back to this practice. Gratitude for something you can see, gratitude for something you can feel in your body and gratitude for where life has brought you today. Thank you so much for practicing gratitude with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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