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Yoga Girl Daily - December 3rd 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

How do you define success? What does success mean for you?

We have been taught that success is financial. However, when we pause and give ourselves space to reflect on this topic, there is usually something deeper there.

Your end motivation is never purely financial. It is usually more about security, safety, or finding freedom and peace.

Today, we are challenging you to evolve the idea of success in your mind. If you envision a life where you are truly successful, what components are there?

Use this podcast as a spark to dive really deep into this topic.

Ultimately, what you are moving toward must align with what is in your heart.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, you guys! It's Tune-In Tuesday today. It's time for some self-reflection and if you listen to this podcast a lot, you know that Tuesdays really, it's just a sparking of self-reflection. So these episodes are fairly short. I would love for this to be a practice that you take with you and give yourself a little more space to make this happen today. So perhaps journaling on the topic I'm about to share with you or better yet finding a person to share with. The topic for today's Tune-In Tuesday I think is a really important one because it is one of those things that if we don't have it clearly defined, we might find ourselves charging full steam ahead in a direction without actually knowing if our motivations behind going down that direction are true or pure.

[00:56] Today we are going to reflect a little bit on success. For me, success means… That's our topic for today. For me, success means… So how do you actually define success? What does success really mean for you? It's one of those things that I think we've been taught that success has to be a financial thing. We want to be successful in our careers. We want to make a lot of money, have a lot of abundance, advance, evolve, grow, climb the ladder. I think when we actually pause and we give ourselves the space to reflect on what does success mean for me personally, and if you have this idea of success being something very related to career or money, perhaps today is a really good time for you to pause, slow down and evaluate. Why do you have this definition of success and underneath the idea of wanting to make money or wanting to grow in our careers, there's something else hiding there behind that motivation. The end game, the end motivation for any of us, it's never purely financial, right?

[02:02] So beneath even the longing to feel abundant is the longing to want to be secure and to want to feel safe in life, to not have to worry, right? To make sure that we have a roof over our heads, that we have all of our bases covered. Knowing that when we're aiming for some sort of financial success, usually what we're looking for is security. It's comfort. It's knowing that we're safe and held and that it's safe for us to be here in this world. It gives us a sense of freedom and the ability to soften and relax. I would love to challenge you to evolve or to expand the idea of success for you in your mind. Perhaps success for you doesn't really have anything to do with your career or the idea of making money. Success maybe is all about feeling balanced and at peace with your life.

[02:52] I know for me personally, success is the ability to juggle the things that I do in my day-to-day, of wanting to have a beautiful career where I’m thriving without ever letting go of my family being number one on my list of priorities. So success for me is balancing these two things. Being a mother, being a wife, caring for my family first, and then still allowing myself space to grow and to actually focus on my career and the idea of that kind of success that I grew up with. So if I don't feel at peace or balanced or happy in my life, but I have an abundant career, then I'm not really successful at all, actually. Then maybe I'm failing. So what is success for you? What does success actually mean? And if you could envision a life for yourself where you are truly successful, where you're living that definition of success, what does your life look like?

[03:47] What's actually important? What components would you like to see there to actually feel successful in your life? So, the topic today is: For me, success means… You can journal on this, stream of consciousness journaling. Just write that sentence out. Continue writing and see what comes. Better yet, find a friend to share with so that someone can hold space for you to really reflect on this topic because it's a really cool one. And perhaps you'll find that what you're moving toward as the idea of success doesn't actually align with what your heart tells you success is. So by making sure we're really clear about what success means for us, we can actually adapt and act accordingly. Perhaps you're spending a lot of time and energy toward something that actually isn't bringing you toward that heartfelt idea of success at the end of the day. Maybe you need to invite more space for peace, right? Maybe you need to invite more space for family time or space to just have fun. Give yourself some space to figure out what success means to you, and then act accordingly. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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