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Yoga Girl Daily - February 18th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Lifestyle, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

Tune in today to open yourself up to a very powerful question - who will you be five years from now?

If you envision your dream life (without holding yourself back by expectations!), what does that life look like? What is different? Who are you with?

Today’s episode will allow you to dive deep on all the possibilities your future could hold. Acknowledging what you want is the first step to turning those possibilities into realities.

Interactive Exercise

Today, grab a journal and pen and respond to the following prompt: "Five years from now I am...". Use this as an opportunity to tap into what your dream life looks like, without holding yourself back with expectations.


[00:58] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Tuesday and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week. As with every Tuesday, today is a day for self-reflection and contemplation, so the practice of focusing on a specific topic and then reflecting on that so we can get to know ourselves a little bit better. As with every Tuesday episode, the topic that we pick is just the opening into something much deeper. So, please, please, please feel free to journal on this same topic or share on this topic after this episode is over.

[01:37] For today, I want us to take a moment, just taking a moment to ground into the body so that we can journey into the future a little bit. Taking a moment to imagine your life five years from now. Let's dream a little bit. Let's paint the picture just in our minds right now of the kind of life we deeply want to have five years ahead. So first of all, taking a moment to acknowledge how old you'll be in five years and then if you were to right now envision your absolute dream life. Okay, your absolute dream life. Five years from now, what does your life actually look like? What's different, what's new, what's totally changed compared to now? Take a moment just to really feel into that and if you feel like your mind starts to put some restrictions on you as you dream, skip all of that.

[02:39] Just go totally wild in your imagination right now. What do you dream of? And if you could really manifest and create anything, what would the dream look like five years from now? How do you live? What's your living situation like? Who are you living with? Who’s present in your day-to-day life? What's your work life like? What's present there? This practice of just allowing our imagination to go wild a little bit is a really beautiful practice to have because it tells us a lot of truths in terms of what we long for. So if immediately your mind goes to a lavish dream of having a ton of abundance and money and wealth than probably what you dream of is a sense of safety, right? A sense of being taken care of, of not having to fight so hard to move through life. If immediately your dream goes to specific relationships, maybe in five years you're married, you have the love of your life.

[03:40] That tells you a lot about what you actually long for in this moment when it comes to real genuine human connection. Take a moment to see where your mind initially goes and then paint yourself that picture. What is your dream life five years from now? For me, when I let my imagination go wild, the first thing that comes to mind is that definitely we have more kids, which is interesting that that's where my mind goes because right now I'm not really feeling the idea of a second child so much, but when I think of the big picture dream, we definitely have a bigger family, so that tells me that I definitely have that longing deep within. And then where my attention goes, it goes more toward my inner workings, my inner world, than what my outside life looks like. In five years, my dream is that I feel absolutely at peace with where I am. That I have a day to day life that brings about calm.

[04:38] Where I feel rested and healthy and my body, and then if I go a little wilder in my imagination, I can also see us maybe having a second home somewhere in a different part of the world. Perhaps we can visit family more often. This feeling of freedom, having more freedom, more space in my life, that's a part of that big picture, five-year dream. So what about you? See if you can take those first imaginative thoughts and connect them to an emotion that's very present and true for you right here, right now. I know that within myself, I have that big longing for peace. I have that big longing for freedom and space. So how can I act on that today to help make that dream five years from now a reality? Take a moment to journal on this. You can start with a sentence, “Five years from now I am…”, and then fill in the blank. Just keep writing, see what comes, see if you can take it as far as you absolutely can, and then make that connection in terms of what you're longing for right now and how you can start to incorporate some of that emotion, some of that energy into your life already today. You deserve to have all of your dreams come true and you deserve to have a life that you dream of come true. Thank you so much for practicing with me today and for dreaming with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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