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Yoga Girl Daily - September 3rd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Thankful Thursday

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About the Episode

Today’s gratitude practice may start as only a practice, but it has the potential to become a regular and automatic part of your day.

We have many mundane moments in our lives, from taking a shower to washing the dishes to making the bed.

Tune in to learn how to infuse gratitude and bring presence into those seemingly meaningless moments that we often take for granted.


[01:15] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Thursday, you guys! It's time for our gratitude practice of this week. I am excited to share this practice with you because it's one of those things for me that started out as a practice and then just became a regular part of my day, and now it's something that I just do automatically without having to think about it. You guys know what I mean? It's kind of like long time ago, you know, I used to wake up in the morning and drink coffee, first thing. And then I traded that for drinking water with lemon. And now I've been doing that for so long that I don't have to think about that anymore. I just wake up and I drink my water and then that's how I live. It doesn't feel like a thing. This gratitude practice has become exactly that for me, it's something that I find myself reaching for or doing automatically, especially if I'm having a stressful day or if I'm feeling some anxiety, this is a practice that can be really, really helpful.

[02:07] Today what we're going to do is we're going to infuse some gratitude into a mindfulness practice. So, what we're going to do is we're going to pick an absolutely mundane task today. So, something that you do in your day to day, where you don't have to use a lot of brain power, so it may be something you do around the house or a chore. You can pick, you know, doing the dishes at the end of the day, or cleaning up the kitchen or making your bed in the morning if you haven't done that yet and if you're a bed maker, or maybe taking a shower, going for a walk with your dog, something totally mundane and normal. And you're going to consider this a sacred practice and infusing gratitude into every moment of this experience. So, let's take taking a shower as an example. So, if you pick that as your thing today for gratitude, instead of just jumping in the shower, going through the motions, without thinking, or being too present about it, I want you to take the most present shower you could possibly imagine.

[03:07] So, taking a deep breath, anchoring into the body and then practicing mindfulness as you wash your hair, as you reach for the soap, taking a moment to really experience the feeling of water on your skin, the temperature of the water, what it feels like in that moment being there, and then with every single breath you take returning to the mantra of, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And whichever way feels organic and natural for you to speak that quietly to yourself, to think it in your mind, or to say it out loud. Just thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So, if you're taking that super present, mindful shower, then so much gratitude for the ability to take a shower. That feeling of being clean, of being refreshed, gratitude for having hot water in your house, gratitude for having all of those soaps and shampoos and nice smelling products that you have in your shower, gratitude for the towel and the feeling of drying yourself off after a hot shower. Just little by little being so mindful about every part of the process of that shower or of your walk outside or washing your hands or doing the dishes.

[04:20] One of those regular basic things. Allowing yourself to become so mindful that your mind and your brain doesn't take you anywhere else. And then returning to that mantra of thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And I think it's important that we pick a pretty normal, you know, thing that we normally take for granted. I love doing this in the shower because it's just one of those things that becomes a little reset for me, especially if I'm having a hard day bringing gratitude into that mindful shower actually reminds me of the fact that not everyone has hot water, not everyone has running water in their house. Not everyone has the privilege to be able to shower once or twice a day, right? So, it gives me that moment of perspective. It gives me a moment of acknowledging the blessings that I have of absolute genuine gratitude.

[05:10] And through that mindfulness practice, it brings me into the moment. So, I usually come out of that grateful shower, feeling a lot more grounded and calm than I was going in. So, picking today for your mindfulness gratitude practice, any normal mundane, regular thing, and then using your presence and your gratitude to make it absolutely sacred and special. So, if you're going for a walk, then how about every step repeating to yourself: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Really acknowledged the beauty all around you, right? Nature, the sky, the ground, the trees, everything you see. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you get something out of this practice. For me, it's really, really, really been helpful this year. Whenever I find myself in a complaining state of mind, I'll just switch something up and then make my next task of the day or my next thing totally mindful and filled with gratitude. Even if it's something as simple and short as washing your hands. How about for the rest of the day today, every single time you wash your hands, you make that moment a mindful moment and you make it a grateful moment too. It might just turn your whole day around. Thank you so much for getting mindful and grateful with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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