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Yoga Girl Daily - October 9th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

Its Wellbeing Wednesday and once again, time for our meditation practice.

Today as you drop in and direct your awareness inward, notice the quality of your breath. Feel into your heart. Sit in stillness. Be present here, now. This is a place you can return to again and again.

This quiet place within you is home.


[00:37] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, you guys and happy Wednesday! It's Wellbeing Wednesday over here at Yoga Girl Daily, which means it's time for us to sit down and meditate for a moment. So, we have these five-minute meditations every hump day. I think it's a really great day to make sure you practice a little bit of extra self-care. So, if you can find that quiet place somewhere to sit down and ground that would be wonderful. Let's close the eyes. And today let's take a really, really, really deep breath. So to begin imagining, this is the deepest breath you've taken all day long. And then see if when you get to the top of that breath, you can pause a little bit and hold the breath in before we release through the mouth. So whenever you're ready, go ahead and take a huge breath in through the nose.

[01:36] And fill all the way up to the top of the breath. And when you get there, pause for a moment. Hold your breath in, and then loud and clear, open the mouth. Exhale. Let it all go.

[01:53] Oh, let's do that one more time. So, inhale, fill everything up. At the top of the breath, pause, hold the breath in and open the mouth to release.

[02:11] And then bring the breath back in through the nose and take a few moments just to begin to direct all of your awareness in inward, noticing the quality of your breath. Sometimes taking those releasing breaths just help to cleanse anything away from the body that we want to release. So perhaps after that cleansing breath, you feel a little bit more space within just to feel and connect. And as you notice the quality of that regular breath in and breath out, see if it's in any way connected with how you are feeling right now. Of course the breath is intricately connected to our emotional state. Our emotional state of course is very connected to our minds, what's moving through our heads. Which of course is very connected to how we feel within the body. So beginning with a breath, notice what kind of breath is present within you today and see how that is reflected by how you're feeling inside of your heart. Is the breath deep. Is the breath slow? Is the breath long? Is the breath shallow? Is it fast? Is it short? See if you can without judgment is notice the quality of the breath.

[03:39] And then with every cycle of breath you take, allow both the breath in and the breath out to grow a little bit fuller, a little bit deeper. And try to find that beautiful balance between the two sides of the breath. So allow the breath in to be just as long and deep as the breath out, allowing the shoulders to drop, your face to soften and letting all of your awareness remain right here with the breath in and the breath out. So just stay where you are. And whatever you're feeling in your body in this moment knowing it's okay. Whatever emotion is present, letting yourself dwell there. Just be here, now.

[04:53] Enjoying this little space of silence. Enjoying this moment of quiet in the midst of your day. And knowing that you have the ability to drop back into this place whenever you need it, the silence, this quiet place within you, it's accessible for you whenever you feel like you need a little bit of support. If you ever get to a place where you feel overwhelmed, know that you can just close your eyes and give yourself five minutes to make your way back home. Let's take one more full breath in and again through the mouth, let it out. Gently blink your eyes open. Thank you so much for taking these five minutes to meditate with me today, and just like I said, remember that you can come back here whenever you want either by tuning on these podcasts episodes or just on your own, returning to the breath, feeling into your heart, letting yourself be very, very present here, now. Thank you so much for tuning in. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]