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Yoga Girl Daily - August 13th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Thankful Thursday, Gratitude

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About the Episode

What is something challenging, hard, and painful that you have overcome?

Maybe it happened in your childhood, or perhaps more recently. Whatever it was - you overcame it.

Take today to reflect on this experience, but instead of focusing on the pain and struggle, bring your awareness to the fact that you made it through. This experience made you stronger and more resilient.

Tune in to embrace the warrior spirit inside of you that never gives up.


[00:46] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Thursday, and welcome to our gratitude practice of this week. You guys know, I love Thankful Thursdays. Gratitude is such an important practice to connect to not just once a week, but every single day. Today, I want to focus our gratitude practice around something that we have overcome, something that has made us resilient, something that was really challenging, heavy, hard, painful, that you were able to make it through the other side of. So, perhaps something that comes to mind is something that's been really challenging for you this year. I know we all have tons of things to pick from, from the gift of that has been 2020 so far. Perhaps what comes to mind for you as something that happened long, long ago, maybe something from your childhood or something in your past but taking a moment today to reflect on that challenging time of your life or that challenging experience that you had. Perhaps it's some sort of loss that you went through, perhaps it's a betrayal you found yourself in the midst of, abandonment, some sort of pain that came your way, maybe completely without of your control.

[02:01] Take a moment just to sit with something challenging that's come your way. And then instead of focusing on just the pain of that or the struggle of that, bring your awareness to the fact that you made it through to the other side, the fact that you were able to push through and continue on, even in those moments when it felt like everything was impossible. You know, that saying you have made it through your hardest days so far, all of your hardest days you've made it through them. I love that because it reminds us that even if we're having a hard day right now, we have been through harder things. And actually the challenges that have come our way have made us stronger. They've made us more resilient, more adaptable, more ready to handle the next thing that's going to come our way. So, what is that experience that's in your recent or far distant past?

[02:52] You actually can take a moment right now and be grateful for the resilience that you built because of it. So, dedicated some gratitude today to that fighting spirit inside of you, that doesn't give up no matter what, that courageous part of you, that brave part of you, that part of you that can get hit with anything and just brushes it off, stands back up and soldiers on. Now, some of us feel more in touch with that side of ourselves than others, right? So, it's a good thing to remind ourselves, especially when we feel particularly small or exposed or vulnerable to remind ourselves that we have that warrior side to ourselves. Perhaps we haven't brought that side of ourselves forth in a while, but they're in there. So it brings some gratitude to that fighting spirit of yours today, to your resilience, to your strength and to your ability to overcome.

[03:50] If it's helpful, maybe taking a moment today to journal on this experience and then focusing on the gratitude for how you were able to grow and become stronger at the end of it, remembering that life gives you exactly what you're able to handle, not more than that. Even if you're feeling overwhelmed right now, take a moment to remind yourself of the fact that you are strong. And if in this moment, you're in a place for, you need some support or you need some help remind yourself that it's that same warrior side of you that knows when it's time to call on other warriors to help out. So, being strong and being resilient, it's not just about doing everything on our own, right, but it's okay to ask for help. And perhaps those people in your life who are there to give you support, to help you make it through are also an extra something to be truly grateful for today as well. Thank you so much for anchoring into this gratitude practice with me today. Wishing you a beautiful, strong fierce day ahead. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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