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Yoga Girl Daily - November 19th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

All of us find ourselves in a difficult or dark time at some point in our lives. When that happens, it is important that we have tools and resources we can turn to, to be able to pick ourselves back up.

Today for Tune-In Tuesday, we are working on filling our Emergency Toolbox for Wellbeing.

What makes you feel grounded and stable when everything around you seems upside down? Is it moving your body? Spending time in nature? Reading a book? Taking a bath? Journaling?

Start compiling everything in a list! The more you invite these tools into your life, the more your feet will be planted on the ground when a challenging time comes around.


[00:49] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, everyone! It's Tune-In Tuesday today. It's time for us to sit down and practice some self-reflection. For our Tune-In Tuesdays, we normally have a specific topic for the day and then we take that moment to quietly close our eyes and reflect and maybe share or journal on what we're kind of working through or unpacking on that exact day. For today's episode of Tune-In Tuesday, I want to talk about something that I feel is really, really, really important that many of us actually don't have settled or figured out and that is something that I like to call our Emergency Toolbox for Wellbeing.

[01:43] The Emergency Toolbox for Wellbeing is all the tools that you have available to you that you might need when you come or find yourself in a place that's really heavy or difficult or dark. So that's the thing about life, we can never really predict when we are going to find ourselves in a really tricky place, but inevitably we know we are going to find ourselves in that challenging position at some point in our lives. Perhaps some of you guys are moving through something difficult right now. I know I have had a pretty challenging year. And the Emergency Toolbox for Wellbeing is one of those things that I came up with a couple of years ago when I realized that I had throughout my lifetime accumulated all these many tools that I can pick up and use in really heavy moments in my life that actually, actually works. And I realized through trainings and retreats that not everybody actually has a toolbox of this sort or is even aware of the specific tools that we can use.

[02:43] So that when we find ourselves in that really tough time, we need to know that we have things that we can reach for. So that's what our practice is going to be about today. For you to outline and begin filling your own toolbox with amazing tools that you know can help you through challenging times. So of course we all are attracted to different things, but when we find ourselves in a really tough place, something that always, always, always works well for me is movement. So, moving the body in any shape or form. It can be going for a run or you know, throwing a dance party, a yoga class. Of course yoga has served me super, super well, but I have that at the top of my list or at the top of the little pile of tool that I have in my own toolbox is movement.

[03:27] Perhaps movement is something that you know works for you and you'd like to build your own toolbox with me today. Add movement to the list. Something else that I know works for me is spending time in nature. So when I find myself feeling depressed or anxious or worried or fearful or any of those things start kind of weighing me down, going outside, breathing fresh air, tilting my head back to look at the sky, feeling my feet on the ground. Any time spent outside can really help snap me out of whatever challenge I'm feeling and bring me back into the peace that nature brings. So spending time outside in nature is another tool that definitely is at the very center of my own toolbox. Perhaps you have other things that you know, help bring you peace. So let's meditate on that for a moment. What are some things or tools or people even or situations that you have in your life or things you can bring about that you know bring you to a sense of peace that you know help you feel grounded, that you know help you settle down, that gives you some peace of mind?

[04:30] What are some of those things? Perhaps this podcast is one of those things. Yeah, not really works for you. Maybe you have a favorite song that you like to play, a movie that you'd like to watch a book you like to come back to again and again. Start writing some of these things down. Actually, the bigger our toolbox is, or the more tools we can put in our little emergency toolbox, the more things we’ll be able to reach for. In my tool box I also have, of course, spending time with my daughter, my family, our pets. I love sitting in the sauna. That's a really big one for me. It really helps to center me. I like to take baths. Talking to my therapist is a really big one. Journaling is another one. So for today's practice, instead of just meditating or reflecting on how we're feeling or you know, a specific topic, I want you to do the work of getting really clear on what's in your Emergency Toolbox for Wellbeing because who knows, you might have a challenging time coming around the corner and you're going to need to be able to reach for some of these things and being prepared and getting really clear on what actually helps you in moments of this stress is a really genius thing to do and something that's actually really great and helpful when it comes to your mental health.

[05:42] So build your emergency toolbox for wellbeing today, write them down, pick up your journal, see how many things that actually work to help you feel grounded and settle you can come up with and then get really clear on how accessible they are to you and perhaps start inviting more of them into your life already today so that when that challenging time comes around, you already have your feet on the ground. Let's see how many tools for wellbeing you can come up with. Thank you so much for doing this very, very valuable practice, and I hope these tools will serve you in the future. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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