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Yoga Girl Daily - October 28th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

Your body is your greatest vessel.

Everything you experience in life happens through your body - and ultimately, you have control over it!

In today’s meditation, you will tap into your inner authority and experience this practice in whatever way unfolds for you.

Whatever you are feeling makes sense, and you have complete permission to be the way you are. Tune in to begin.


[00:55] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily! Happy Wednesday, you beautiful human being you. I hope you've had a really good day so far. I hope you're ready to close your eyes and tune into the body because it's time for our meditation episode of the week. Let's find a comfortable seat. So, whatever that means to you. Just know you have the ultimate authority every moment of every day in terms of what you do with your body, including when you are listening to someone guiding you through a meditation or taking a yoga class or having any kind of teacher there present, that everything you hear is a mere suggestion. So, just checking in on that and that space for yourself right now, what really would make you feel good? Like what are you really longing for right now? Is there a shape you can arrive at? Is there something you can lean into right now? Do you need a pillow, two pillows? Perhaps you want to lay flat on the floor right now and just take a nap. You know, what is it that you need and how can you give yourself that right now? And then when you have arrived at that place of just meeting your need, if it's in a small way of just shifting something around the body, you can go ahead and close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath. Inhale, open the mouth and exhale.

[02:35] So, bringing the breath back in through the nose and little by little, you can allow the breath to deepen along with your awareness. So, just really arriving here to the present moment, to your body and checking in with, just on that topic of you being your own authority, right? You actually being in charge and you having that wonderful ability to say yes or to say no at any moment of the day. And right now, just by anchoring into this practice, you have said yes to deepening this presence inside of yourself. And perhaps right now you've said no to distraction, just defining a little bit or discerning a little bit for yourself right now, what is it that you've said yes to, by dropping into this moment? And what are you saying no to right now? Both are okay, and both are equally necessary.

[03:40] And as you say yes to things that serve you and you say no to things that don't, you start to recalibrate this beautiful intelligence of your own being that just enhances your ability to come back to yourself again and again, with more ease. So, returning to these kinds of practices becomes a little bit more effortless every time you say yes, and also every time you say no. It's a softening into the body right now, letting the breath grow a little bit deeper, a little bit fuller. Noticing what is moving and what is present inside of you right now. Sensing any physical experience that you're having in this moment. Anything that you can really tangibly feel in your body right now. Notice if your awareness is directed at a specific part of the body, a special body part, and what that physical sensation actually is like.

[04:48] And get a little closer to that, to that feeling. And then see if you can deepen into that place a little bit more. So, if you're sensing more awareness, drifting to one part of your body, then really bring all of your focus to that body part. If you're sensing a bit of tingling somewhere, really go closer to that. If you sense a shift in temperature, maybe somewhere you're warm or somewhere it's cool, just really go into that place and lean into the physical experience you're having being emotionally, energetically and spiritually present. So, we are energetic beings having a physical experience, but all of this happens in the body and through the body. Your body is your greatest vessel.

[05:43] So, trusting that whatever is unfolding inside of you now makes absolute perfect sense. That everything that's truly happening inside, that it's valid, that are allowed to have this experience and that this experience is yours and you don't have to change it or shift it or move it around, but complete permission for you to just be here the way you are. Let's take a deep breath into that place. And exhale. Feel free to remain lingering in this place, just with your eyes closed for a couple of more minutes. So, you can just deep and into this presence inside of you right now. Just stay right here. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day. I'll be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]