Does Your Ego Help or Hinder You? favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - November 12th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Gratitude, Thankful Thursday

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About the Episode

Your ego is not the beginning and end of everything.

Sometimes it hinders us (have you ever tried to quiet your thoughts during meditation?), but it is also a valuable tool!

Without your intellect, you could not make sense of the world around you, or learn new things, or connect with others.

Today Rachel shares a specific practice that will remind you of the importance of your mind, and allow you to forget some of the frustration it causes you.


[00:41] Welcome back to Yoga Girl Daily! Happy, happy Thursday. Welcome to our gratitude practice of this week. Today, we are going to center into some gratitude for a part of ourselves or a part of our being that we tend to get a little bit challenged by, or maybe even frustrated by. Today I want to take a moment to express and really feel some gratitude for our intellect, our mind. And I was contemplating this as a topic today, and I started just giggling to myself a little bit, because I think before we go, or we begin this sort of spiritual journey, this journey of wanting to find peace inside of ourselves, looking for calm, for freedom, for enlightenment, before we start to meditate and all of this, most of us live this kind of life, where we were celebrated for our intellect. Where our mind, our ego was really the beginning and end of everything.

[01:38] And then we start meditating and we realize that, wait a minute, I have this voice inside of my head, that actually isn't who I am. You know, we stop identifying with the mind. And then we realize this mind is just talking all day long. We have this monkey mind, this chatter, this narrative going in the back of our heads all throughout the day. And actually it's never really quiet. So, we start to get a little bit frustrated maybe with the self-talk. So, I wanted to have a moment today just to bring gratitude for our intellect and just to remind ourselves of the fact that our mind is not something bad, right? Our ego is not something negative, but it's a tool. Our mind and our intellect, that's how we assimilate information. It's how we learn new things. It's how we make sense of the world. So, let's actually be grateful for the intellect that is so amazing, for that beautiful big brain of ours! Let's bring some gratitude into that place instead of just being frustrated for the thoughts that come up, especially in our meditation practice or in any part of the day where we actually would appreciate some silence, right?

[02:53] So, an inquiry for today, something you are grateful for that you recently learned. And I say learned, I mean something that you recently learned from the mind space, something you learn and picked up intellectually, not something that you learned emotionally or spiritually, which are different things, right? So, an example of that, something that I recently learned intellectually that I feel really grateful for, that really is so fascinating to me is I'm starting to learn a lot about Mercury and how it plays out in our astrological charts. This is just the part of astrology. I'm a total astrology geek by the way, but it's a part of astrology that I'm really new to. And I've spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks, just researching, literally reading blogs, reading books, listening to podcasts, you know, Googling my way to more information around Mercury and how that plays out in our charts.

[03:52] And Mercury of course represents the mind, the intellect, how we communicate. And I'm so, so, so fascinated by this. I think probably because I have this fascination with mercury right now, I have also this need to express gratitude for my form of communication, for this intellectual side of myself. What is something you have learned recently intellectually that just fascinates you? That you're just grateful that you know right now. Maybe you feel like you've just attached to something special, like a topic, or it could be something around politics, something around the ways of the world, could be a book that you're reading right now. It could be some new information that you're learning about the world in this moment. What is something that you're just grateful you know, that you didn't know before? I think there's such a simple inquiry right now, but really, really, really interesting. Also, because gratitude for our intellect helps us ease up a little bit.

[04:55] If you're feeling frustrated around that chatter that goes on in the back of your head all the time, reminding yourself that that chatter is there for a reason, right? It's there to protect us. It's there to try to make sense of the world. By trying to control the world, what our mind does is it's almost like it's trying to cushion us a little bit, protecting ourselves from dangerous that might be out there. So, bring a little bit of gratitude in toward this idea you have about what your ego and what your mind is. So, that the next time you're sitting in meditation and that mind gets really busy, you can take a breath and instead of going, Oh, go be quiet. You can go, Oh, thank you. Now let me come back to the present moment. And that can be a really cool practice too, just every time a thought comes up, you say, thanks, and then return to the body. So, what is something that you learned recently that you're super grateful for? If you want to journal on this a little bit today, or just sit for a moment right now and contemplate it a little bit, let's see how you feel right at the end of this gratitude practice, too. Thank you so much for practicing some gratitude with me today. I hope you take good care of your mind. Take good care of your brain. Enjoy this practice and I'll see you tomorrow.

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